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Another Great Day at Day Camp

Jul 14, 2023 | 3 comments

Each day we’ve been using the time before breakfast to reflect through a devotional created by Eaglecrest. It’s been a way to connect to God and teach us values related to leading. So far, we have reflected through reading selected verses and questions about leading with a servant heart, respect, veracity, and initiative. Later in the evening we’ll have thoughtful discussions as a group, facilitated by the Eaglecrest staff.

Today was the last day at camp where our group of students lead activities. We had our final two “Skills Clubs,” (Escape Room and Face-Painting) and our final Large Group Game.

The Escape room team had set up a series of puzzles that lead teams around the Eaglecrest campus. The first challenge was to assemble a puzzle made of popsicle sticks. When assembled, it revealed the location of the second challenge. The second challenge was a story and some questions, but the answers were encoded. So teams had to figure out the code before they could answer the questions. The third challenge was a series of Rebus puzzles. The campers had a fun, yet challenging time with those. After completing the Rebus puzzles, the teams had to “Find the Caribou.” Keane was our Caribou, hiding in the woods. Once they found him, they had their last objective, which was to reflect on the series of stories throughout the course.

The other Skills Club was face-painting and team-building. The MSM students had prepared a series of painting ideas ahead of time, so it was great to see those ideas show up on campers faces and arms. The team did a fantastic job painting patiently on the campers. After some of the campers got their painting completed, they participated in the “telephone game”. The telephone game is where one person comes up with a phrase and whispers it to the next person. The next person whispers what they heard to the next person. The phrase continues to pass around until the last person, who states aloud what they heard. We had some silly phrases, like, “Alaska Snacks like S’mores outdoors are delicious and tasty.” By the time it got to the end, the final phrase was, “Alaska S’mores taste good.”

After lunch and worship, our students hosted their last Large Group game for the week. It was a game of kickball. Very few of the Alaska campers had played kickball before, so our students taught them the rules, split into two teams, and played two innings of kickball. It was a lot of fun seeing the Alaska campers embrace the game and have fun with it.

After the campers left, we pulled out board games and cards and just enjoyed some time together again just soaking up the chance to be unplugged and in community with each other!

Tomorrow: our last full day at Eaglecrest!


  1. Ben

    I’ve loved reading all the stories & seeing all the pictures this week! And, I love all of you. It’ll be Friday night as you hear this. CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic week, in Jesus’ name. I hope y’all had a great last day of camp & the community picnic. We will see you soon. All the hard work & prayers of the past months & the past week have borne fruit. God is good, and you friends are wonderful.

  2. Brooke paneitz

    Way to go team! It sounds like and looks like it was a super fun week of camp. I’m so blessed to watch all of you working so hard to bless others and one another this week. Praying for a relaxing and inspiring rest of your visit. May you each reflect on all the lessons and blessings God has given this week. He’s always working. And always good ❤️

  3. Anthony Suy

    Yeah!! Oh I’m so excited to see how God’s presence is alive and well at Eaglecrest. You must have so many fun stories to share. I can’t wait to see you all again soon – enjoy the final hours of your mission!

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