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Tired Tuesday?

Jul 12, 2023 | 5 comments

They call this day of camp “Tired Tuesday” we heard because it’s the day that the time difference and travel fatigue hit. Not so sure that was the case with our group. Students and leaders alike were ready for another day of fun with the 30 + campers ranging in age from 6 to 17 from nearby Sutton & Palmer. There was a great deal of energy expended in the ice breaker games led by Eaglecrest staff, the “squad wars”, and at the end of the camp day a highly competitive game of capture the flag led by MSM students.

Fortunately, many took advantage of fueling up ahead of time by participating in the skills club of fire building and Alaskan S’more making led by one of the MSM student groups. Fun fact: Alaskan S’mores are made by taking a tortilla and filling it with toppings like chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs, or really anything else you’d like and then wrapping it in foil and cooking it on the fire. They aren’t actually an Alaskan thing but something a GO Team came up with in a previous trip! Due to popularity, we brought them back and gave them that name. Pretty much a meal in itself, but we also enjoyed more another fire cooked meal as lunch was getting to roast our own hot dogs on the open flame.

The other skills club we led was making and personalizing your very own journal. Journaling is a good way to let go of your normal life and take space to reflect on problems or emotions that are not healthy. This impacted kids and adults alike as a tool to unplug, which has been a focus that Jim (Camp Director of Eaglecrest) has been encouraging us all to explore.

After the day campers left, “Tired Tuesday” still hadn’t set in, as most of the campers were eager to head on a 2+ mile walk to potentially see some salmon in a nearby creek. No salmon, but no one seemed disappointed as it instead turned out to be an opportunity for a rock skipping and throwing challenge. This crew certainly has a competitive edge but they do a great job keeping it friendly too.

We finished the night by enjoying another chance to interact with mostly other teens who come to the Sutton Bible Church youth group that meets at Eaglecrest on Tuesday nights. We also invested some time as an MSM group talking about God, life, and what kind of condiment you’d choose to have come out your belly button (surprisingly no one said ranch!)

Tomorrow:  Excursion Day!


  1. Brooke paneitz

    Oh my goodness! Condiments coming out of belly buttons!!!! What were the best ones????
    So much exploring along with working hard!!!! I love that. Have a safe excursion team!

    • Jim Ferwerda

      With Wisconsinites involved, I’m surprised no one said Ranch! 😂

  2. Nicole Real

    We are so happy to hear about the connections you continue to make with each other and with everybody you interact with in Sutton. Enjoy your excursion day, can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  3. Ashley Taggart

    Praying today that the team finds it is more blessed to give than receive. May you be the hands and feet of Christ as you serve the community giving of your time and see the reward you receive in relationships.

  4. Terri

    Does it get dark ?

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