The worst day of camp: the last.

Camp is officially over, we had an amazing time this week! So many local students were able to come out and enjoy the amazing day we had planned! We played a whole lot of games, had a great day at the spa, made Alaskan s’mores, and attended a community dinner where we met even more amazing people up here in Alaska!! Here’s a few more pictures from our time here in Alaska!

What a Butte!

After camp day one spent a beautiful sunny night on a butte overlooking a mountain! Sorry, I hear there was a whole lot of rain back in Wisconsin, it was sunny and in the 70s here in Sutton! Since it was so wonderful, we took our time while up on the top talking about encouragement. Let me tell you, these kids know a thing or two about encouragement, you could hear them yelling down “Way to go” “You’ve got this” “You’re almost up” from the bottom of the trail. This team has grown to really depend on each other here in Alaska!

We have arrived!


What a view!!!!

We have made it to Eaglecrest! After a very long day of traveling and our first experience with the midnight sun here in Alaska, we woke up to this amazing view! God sure is good to put us in a place like this!

Meet the 2019 team – Tara!

My name is Tara and I’m fourteen years old. I will be a freshman at Middleton High School in the fall. I love playing volleyball and I also love singing. I am so excited to be going on this trip and growing closer to God. I can’t wait to make new friends and have a lot of fun in Alaska. This is my first time going to alaska and I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me there. I can’t wait to get up there and learn more about myself and all the people I meet. Thanks for praying for us!

Meet the 2019 team – Taatjes!

Hello my name is Taatjes. I am 14 years old and I will be going in 9th grade at Middleton High School at the end of the summer. I have to brothers, one older one younger, and a mom and dad. I play soccer, ultimate frisbee, and love to snowboard. I’m very excited to go on this trip for so many reasons! I hope to help these kids not only have a great time but also start or grow their faith in God. I also hope to grow mine. I also just want to see Alaska and all it’s cool landscapes. I’m very excited!! I hope you guys will pray for me and the rest of the team along this whole trip.

Meet the 2019 team – Sophie!

Hi, my name is Sophie. I’m 14 and going to be a freshman this fall. I am the youngest of 4 siblings and my twin sister is also a part of the team this year. I am very excited about our trip and I’m hoping to reflect the love of Christ during my time in Alaska. I decided to join this team to love and impact others and to strengthen my faith. I’m looking forward to building relationships, being the hands and feet of Christ, and eating some good food. Thank you for your prayers!

Meet the 2019 team – Samuel!

My name is Samuel. I am a fourteen year old going into 9th grade at Memorial High School. I enjoy traveling across the country for mostly karate tournaments, and am excited to add another state to the list. I am nervous for the trip, but I think i will have a great time learning more about my old friends, connecting with new ones, and growing closer in my relationship with God.

Meet the 2019 team – Noah!

My name is Noah and I am beyond excited to go back to Alaska for a second time! I will be a freshman year next year at Waunakee High School. In my free time, I play (a lot!!!) of xbox with my friends, play basketball with my neighbors, and I love to play piano, and I am learning to play ukulele! I also love theater! I’ve been in 4 shows since last summer, and they have been amazing! Although I will miss my sweet puppy, I can’t wait to see all my friends that I made last year, and can’t wait to share all of the teams adventures and memories with you all!!

Meet the 2019 team – Morgan!

My name is Morgan and I am going to be a Freshman at Verona High School in the fall. I live with my parents and my younger twin brother and sister and two dogs. I like spending time with my friends, going on trips and going to the dog park. I am looking forward to the Alaska trip and I’m sure it will be very memorable. Going to Madison Missions has always been incredibly worth while and hoping this time will be even more incredible.

Meet the 2019 team – M!

My name is M and I went to Alaska two summers ago. I can’t even begin to explain the amazing experiences I experienced when I was there. The plane ride itself shows many awesome views! The many hikes and treks through the countryside sport amazing mountains and prairies. The camp itself is right next to multiple mountains and a very powerful river. If you’re lucky you may even see a moose crossing the river like we did!

Besides the obvious sightseeing aspect of the trip, the personal experience is the best part of the trip. The relationships you create, old and new, will stay with you forever. Along with that it is so uplifting to help others grow in Christ and themselves. Helping others is truly the most important part of this trip and it is by far the best part as well.

All in all Eaglecrest is an amazing place and provides amazing experiences. I would recommend that everyone to journey to Alaska to find others that they connect with and to find themselves as well.