Day 2! An Alaskan Sunday.

Alaska is very different from home in my mind. The sun is basically always shining, there is a bird that is always chirping and a new adventure coming your way. Today was filled with obstacles filled with exhaustion, adventure and new opportunities to be a leader. Today was also filled with new ways of looking at things like the glacier we climbed, a new church and waking up to a view of mountains and my, I will say I could never get tired of the views.



Hiking an Alaskan glacier! Fun fact- this glacier moves an average of 1 foot a day!!

10:42pm…. Bright blue skies and puffy white clouds?!?! Our body clocks have got to be so confused!!

Making porcupine quill beads with the locals.

We have arrived!!!

Good morning Alaska!

Kristin and Anthony reporting the good news that Alaska GO team has landed and has safely arrived to camp! All travels were smooth today and the flight was comfortable.

No luggage lost, no broken bones, and the students experienced a beautiful first view of the mountainside. Spirits are high and God is good.

We arrived at camp around 9:30pm (Alaska time). The sun is shining and the students have not yet realized how tired they are. We adults, however, are fully aware of the three hour time shift and are ready for bed. The students however…………


Meet the 2017 Team – Paddy!

Hey, I’m Padraig. I’m going to be a freshman at the Middleton high school. This is my first time to Alaska.

I have been involved in many Blackhawk mission trips before. I’ve gone to the homegroups and loved them.

I have one sister, a dad, a mom, and a dog. I’m going to Alaska because I want to serve the community and teen people about God,  and for me to get closer to Him. When I was seven I fell out a two story window, cracked my head open, and almost died. But I believed God saved me for a reason.

I’d like to thank everyone for helping us reach our goal for the trip.

Meet the 2017 Team – Kristin

Hi friends (and soon to be friends),

Chances are some of you reading this have entrusted your loved on with me. That’s AWESOME!!! Thank you!! My name is Kristin. and I love Jesus, coffee, and pork rinds. (Seriously, I just tried them and they are CrAzY good.) I love to laugh and am so excited that I get the amazing opportunity to be a leader on this trip. At first,  I wasn’t sure if I should apply to be a leader and come on this trip, but once I heard the passion and the vision that the  family had running camp,


I was SOLD! I am so excited to see what this journey has to offer!

Beyond being surrounded by this wonderful team, and seeing God work in their hearts and lives already, I am super stoked because my son Hagen, is also on this team! It will be our first mission trip, and our first time to Alaska! I love spending time with him in all of his activities, but watching him develop his own relationship with Christ and walk this path on his own is by far my favorite.

Thanks so much for all of your support!
Please enjoy the blog, our sharing stories, and pray for us on this adventure.


Ps – I promise that your loved one will laugh at least once when we are together if I have anything to say about it! I also promise that they will all be encouraged and prayed for (some more than others if the need arises) on this trip. 😉

Meet the 2017 Team – Landon!

Hi, my name is Landon.

I was born in Utah and lived there since I was 12. We moved out to Wisconsin and I love it. The people are so nice. Right now I am currently 13, almost 14. I love to ski, wakeboard and play baseball. I have 3 older siblings (I’m the youngest by 11 years.) I decided to go on this trip because it sounded fun and I can’t wait to help people and build relationships through and with the Alaskan children.


Meet the 2017 Team – Anthony!

Hello my name is Anthony,

Sometimes I feel like a middle school student trapped inside an adult body. I often think this is why I’m called to serve with middle school students.

In my free time I enjoy sports and games of all kinds, especially soccer and bowling. My favorite way to care for others is to listen. My favorite way to be cared for is through phsyical activities such as cooking, hiking, and cleaning together.

I am excited about Alaska becuase I want to be paret of a ministry that will grow and flouris through community involvement. So when I was invited to help lead this team I knew I needed to involve my community. This mission is a tangible way to connect the community I love (Madison) with a community I have gotten to know better (Alaska).

My goal (one of them) is to find someone who enjoys Star Trek as much as I do. I’m also born and raised in Minnesota therefore I am a Vikings fan. Sorry, Packers. However, I do consider myself a Badger Fan.