The worst day of camp: the last.

Camp is officially over, we had an amazing time this week! So many local students were able to come out and enjoy the amazing day we had planned! We played a whole lot of games, had a great day at the spa, made Alaskan s’mores, and attended a community dinner where we met even more amazing people up here in Alaska!! Here’s a few more pictures from our time here in Alaska!

What a Butte!

After camp day one spent a beautiful sunny night on a butte overlooking a mountain! Sorry, I hear there was a whole lot of rain back in Wisconsin, it was sunny and in the 70s here in Sutton! Since it was so wonderful, we took our time while up on the top talking about encouragement. Let me tell you, these kids know a thing or two about encouragement, you could hear them yelling down “Way to go” “You’ve got this” “You’re almost up” from the bottom of the trail. This team has grown to really depend on each other here in Alaska!

We have arrived!


What a view!!!!

We have made it to Eaglecrest! After a very long day of traveling and our first experience with the midnight sun here in Alaska, we woke up to this amazing view! God sure is good to put us in a place like this!