Back in Minnesota

We have landed in MN and are on the bus headed home! We have many kids with red eyes as the “game” was to see who could stay up the entire trip. See you in Madison between 10 and 10:30 depending on traffic.

Homeward Bound

We are now starting to work our way back to normal life. About to board the plane for a redeye back to the lower 48 or “The Outside World” as some of the locals refer to it as. In a short 6 hours we’ll be back to Minneapolis.

See you on the flip side!

Shout-outs #5430

Anna – Hi family! I miss you.

Luke – Hey family, I can’t wait to see you again.

Sam – Shout out to waterproof mascara!

Leah – Hey Fam! Love you guys! Can’t wait to see you again sooooooooon!!!!!

Matthew – Nick, I know you missed me so much, but I’ll be home soon!!!

Max – Apologies to Dave for beating him in mini-basketball…. Continue reading

Second To The Last Leg

On Friday, we had the most students of any other day-a huge 6! Breakfast was French toast casserole, and the Skills Clubs were Building Catapults (no casualties) and Cupcake Decorating. In a direct quote from Dave: “Cupcake Decorating went well, but Cupcake Eating was even better!” We also had small group discussion times. That night, we had a community cookout. Most of us fell in love with an adorable little girl named Savannah, who made us all laugh. Most memorable? Luke was wearing Phineas’ (Craig’s Irish alter-ego) bright green glasses. When anyone else would put them on, Savannah would burst out laughing. When Luke gets his glasses back… face. Continue reading

Debrief in Alaska

Hi everyone back home! Our day camp experience is over and now we begin the process of processing what we’ve been through. We are spending some time as a group at the top of a hill ( it’s really a mountain but when in Alaska….. ). We have had a wonderful time and are sad to think about it coming to an end. God was seen daily on our trip!!!


Snow @ Hatcher Pass?

Today, we woke up nice and rested due to an earlier bed time last night. We had breakfast which was pancakes and sausage, before heading into our devotional time, and today’s topic was initiative. Next the Alaskan students arrived, and we took a look at Gracie’s wonderful drawings. After the drawings an epic round of “The Trash Can Game” broke out. If you don’t know what that is just take our word for it, it’s crazy!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

Swimming…. In Alaska??

Hey Everyone! Brady here. It is now Wednesday night here in Sutton. With things winding down for the night I can say that we are a tired but a happy team. It’s interesting when you sit down and think about what makes a good team. The easiest example to think of is a football team. You need players for offense, defense and special teams. If a Linebacker tries to player receiver they might be successful for a short period of time they will never be as successful as they could be player the position their given skill-set fits. My personal favorite example of this is watching a Kicker try to run down the field and make the tackle. Let’s be honest, 98% of the time this is going to end in complete humiliation or injury. Gold star for courage though! With both of these examples the team as a whole suffers. However, if every player stays true to their assignments the team will have the best chance to succeed. That’s what wins games. Continue reading

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday……

Today, we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, which was quickly followed by an intense round of morning Ga-ga ball. Later, we sardined into the vans to go to Lazy Mountain Bible Church. After which was more Ga-ga ball, lunch (tacos) and a trip to a glacier! A twisty-turny route accompanied by stunning mountain views (Side note: It’s hard to find a view that’s NOT mountains here: Wow!). We quickly started our hike, full of slippery ice, small rivers, deep crevices, and amazing views. We found (and took pictures with) an ice formation shaped like a butt. Continue reading