What a Butte!

After camp day one spent a beautiful sunny night on a butte overlooking a mountain! Sorry, I hear there was a whole lot of rain back in Wisconsin, it was sunny and in the 70s here in Sutton! Since it was so wonderful, we took our time while up on the top talking about encouragement. Let me tell you, these kids know a thing or two about encouragement, you could hear them yelling down “Way to go” “You’ve got this” “You’re almost up” from the bottom of the trail. This team has grown to really depend on each other here in Alaska!

21 thoughts on “What a Butte!

  1. What beautiful weather you had for that hike! Sunny night you mention-curious as to what time those photos at the top were taken? And kindness to the one who posted that blog entry for not posting who the team was encouraging…way to go Addie, you’ve got this Addie, you’re almost up Addie. Ask her about her short walk with her preschool class to the food pantry to donate food that was being pulled in a wagon. All kidding aside, what a fun excursion and chance to see God’s amazing and vast creation and reminder of how small we are in this great big world but how much we can accomplish when we work together.

    Have the lighthouse kids been back? Have you seen the newest baby? Has Addie lost anything yet? Or done anybody’s hair? Have you had Alaskan s’mores? Seen a moose?

    Praying for a great day. Much love to you Addie!

  2. Why did the chicken hike the butte?

    In an attempt to steal Malachi’s Piggly Wiggly shirt! #loveit #alittlejealous #butnotliketoojealouscuzthatwouldbeasin

      • The Wiggly is on the back!! 🙂
        Ben, the Boone family can hook you up if you need one! It’s our favorite apparel! Lol. I am glad you are wearing the shirt, Malachi! Easier to spot you with in the large group!!! We are sure missing you here in WI, but LOVE seeing your smiling face in the pictures!! It’s so weird not talking to either of my guys for so long! Give each other hugs for me! Love ya lots!!!

  3. Looks amazing!
    Jon, the “pets” are doing well! The big tadpole has all 4 legs that are big enough to walk on and the big caterpillar is now a chrysalis. The little tadpole and little caterpillar are doing well too.
    We love you and are praying for you and the team!

  4. We can all use a little encouragement at times-even grandmas! Great to hear that you are all using kind words with each other (unkind words are a pet peeve of mine while working in a school office) while stretching yourself in both spiritual and physical ways. I’m enjoying the beautiful pictures.

    Sending a little love and prayer your way!

  5. What an absolute garbage view; so glad I can’t be there to see that 😏

    Seriously though, I am so glad you are having clear weather, although I keep thinking it’s probably too hot for you, Grace.

    Grandma and Isaac came home yesterday so Ben is no longer an only child. Stella is happy about it, but I know Ben would prefer you were the one who came back!

    We hope you are all having a time of great spiritual growth, encouragement, and fun.

  6. Oh my llamas the view is so pretty!!! Keep having a blast and enjoying God’s beautiful creation!!! Tell our Alaskan friends how much I miss them!!! You guys are doing great things!!!
    Sending love and prayers from WI!!!

  7. Leah, Caleb, Seth and Judah say we are hot and sweaty from playing badminton with poor Grandma and Grandpa. 84 degrees and we are hot and sweaty.

  8. Squad, looks like a picture perfect time up there. What sort of ways have you all seen God up there?

  9. That “e” in the title is one of the most important things you’ve accomplished so far. Great work!

    Also, I love you guys! You’re doing so much more than remembering the letter “e”. Can’t wait to hear more when you get back.

  10. Way to go everyone! What a great bunch of peeps on this team! Praying for some super sweet times as the Alaskans and Wisconsinites build connection. Also praying for God to reveal His deeeeeeeep love to each of you in profound and unexpected ways…be on the look out for it! His love is ridiculous.

  11. So very awesome!!! I wish I was with all of you. Love the pictures. Love the mountains. So great. Have a great time in Alaska. So thankful for your safe trip and praying that this will be a life changing experience for all of you.

  12. It’s so great to see photos of you all I am so happy that you are all bonding as a team and encouraging one another. So happy you made it to the top of the butte for that awesome view!

    Brayden, katelyn says she loves you and misses you. She misses your funny jokes and says it’s very boring without you (she says that while at Jackson’s baseball game). She hopes you are having a good time!

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Kona is very lonely and has been getting into a bit of trouble. She (and Mom and Dad) miss you! Have fun and we look forward to seeing you soon.

  14. Hey Tara! What a fantastic view. And who knew my TCM shirt would make it to the top of a “butte” in Alaska😛 We miss you much and hope you are having a fantastic time❤️


  15. Great pictures! We keep praying for you all!
    Mark, it’s been a little quiet without you and with Bekah at Madison Missions. Sam and I have kept busy building a LOT of legos together. We miss you!

  16. Hi Brayden,

    Looks like you had bob uecker as a buddy and he got you front row seats for the group picture…………..friends in high places!!! Beautiful pictures from up there, know your family is missing you and that includes your old grandpa. See any moose yet? Cant wait to see you and hear all the stories, be safe!!!!

  17. Beautiful view and an awesome day! What more can you ask for!! Praying for you all and a little jealous. Would love to be there.

    Miss you Colin! Looks like you’re having a great time!!

  18. So….. how did KD do on the hike? Who made sure she got up there? Got any details on how the day camp has been going? Like….. what has been the favorite game so far at camp? What has been the most memorable moment of camp so far? Which leader is the coolest? Who has been getting the hammock for devo time? Who is in charge of the fire stick?

    Signed…. a prior leader who is thrilled you’re all up there working together and working in Gods plan!

  19. Wow – what a beautiful view! We are praying for Cade and all the team. Would love to be there with you!

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