Meet the team 2019 – Kristin! (KD)

Hello blog readers!  My name is Kristin (the other one!) and I am excited to be embarking on my second mission trip to Alaska!  Last year, my middle son was on the trip as a student leader– he had gone the year before as well– and he showed me the ropes.  This year, my youngest son is on the team.  I love that I can experience this with my sons.  I was also on the 2013 team to Kenya, which made me “catch the bug” for mission trips.  I love them! I love the feeling of walking a path God has laid for us. I love the feeling of being servants for others in an immersive way.  And I just love the transformative opportunity middle schoolers are given to experience them!

I’ve taught middle school social studies for 21 years, in the same school the whole time.  So, I guess I don’t get enough of middle schoolers during the school year?

I also have a small side business refurbishing furniture and making signs.  Between that, and being a mom of a middle schooler and a high schooler (and a 21 year old too!), I definitely stay busy!  In quiet moments, I like to read, knit, take walks in nature with my husband, do yoga, and cook.