Meet the 2019 team – Noah!

My name is Noah and I am beyond excited to go back to Alaska for a second time! I will be a freshman year next year at Waunakee High School. In my free time, I play (a lot!!!) of xbox with my friends, play basketball with my neighbors, and I love to play piano, and I am learning to play ukulele! I also love theater! I’ve been in 4 shows since last summer, and they have been amazing! Although I will miss my sweet puppy, I can’t wait to see all my friends that I made last year, and can’t wait to share all of the teams adventures and memories with you all!!

One thought on “Meet the 2019 team – Noah!

  1. Noah!

    Hope you’re loving the trip brother! I’ve been serving with MadMish this week and wish you were here but I know that God has a special plan for spiritual growth and maturity in you while you are up there. Love you brother!

    P.S. Give Kristin Baker an extra hard time for me!

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