Meet the 2019 team – M!

My name is M and I went to Alaska two summers ago. I can’t even begin to explain the amazing experiences I experienced when I was there. The plane ride itself shows many awesome views! The many hikes and treks through the countryside sport amazing mountains and prairies. The camp itself is right next to multiple mountains and a very powerful river. If you’re lucky you may even see a moose crossing the river like we did!

Besides the obvious sightseeing aspect of the trip, the personal experience is the best part of the trip. The relationships you create, old and new, will stay with you forever. Along with that it is so uplifting to help others grow in Christ and themselves. Helping others is truly the most important part of this trip and it is by far the best part as well.

All in all Eaglecrest is an amazing place and provides amazing experiences. I would recommend that everyone to journey to Alaska to find others that they connect with and to find themselves as well.