Meet the 2019 team – Lexie!

Hi there!

My name is Lexie and I’m one of the leaders on this trip! Sometimes I feel like adult life is just middle school but a little more complex which is why I believe God called me to serve with this awesome group of kids! I’m so excited to be going to Alaska!! Ask anyone that’s going and they will tell you that the reason why is because I really want to see a moose, they just have really funny knees.

My favourite things in this world in no particular order are: Jesus, dogs, wide open skies, coffee, and sunshine. So if I have any one of those things, I’m usually a pretty happy camper!

This is my first year being involved in Middle School Ministry and I’m so happy that my ministry year is ending in a trip to Alaska! In the short time we have spent together getting ready for the trip, I have seen God moving in so many ways in these students! Watching this team come together has been such a blessing. I feel so privileged to have watched students come out of their shells and take a leadership role when everyone else feels lost, to watch so many students cheer on one of their team mates who had been doubting the ability to do something, and to see the look of joy when they finally were able to balance on a graham cracker to get across the chocolate river! I can’t wait to see how much more work God will do in these students when they are away from the distractions of phones, instagram, and tiktok!

The flame that is my love of the Lord has been fanned from watching these middle schoolers come together for something so much bigger than themselves and I am so thrilled that God gave me the opportunity to be a part of it all!


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