Meet the 2019 team – Karl!

I’m a father of 7 and married to a rock star wife (Bridget) for 28 years. We are grandparents of a 1 1/2 year old. Or kids range from 26 to 11. I’m a chiropractor in Middleton. I’m so excited to go on this trip as a leader, but super excited because my son Kyle is going also.  I will take great care of your kids and help nurture their relationship with Jesus and each other. I was a leader 8 years ago on a trip to the island of St. Thomas for a very similar mission with my two oldest kids through High Point church. This is a big deal to leave my family and practice for a week so I ask for prayers of protection both physically and financially for my family. Thanks for trusting me to be a leader of such a great group of kids!