Meet the 2019 team – Josh!

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you probably aren’t actually like me at all. Hi, I’m Josh, one of the adult servants on the Alaska trip, and I’m greatly looking forward to being able to serve alongside so many young Christ followers, along of course with all the awesome students up in Alaska. When I’m not working at Epic to improve healthcare software, I typically can be found talking in a baby voice to my cat. (Unlike with humans, I’m not afraid that using a baby voice will hamper her future language skills. She already knows how to beg for both food and scratches, and that’s all she really cares about).  I also enjoy crafting and painting figurines.

Really though, insofar as faith is involved, I really love asking questions.  I love watching others come to their own conclusions, questioning what they believe, and getting past preconceived notions to reach a deeper rooted faith.  As an engineer, I’ve found that trying to break things down is a great way for others to reach true understanding; if they build their faith themselves, they’ll understand how it works.  I find this also applies to how we can more fully integrate scientific knowledge and our understanding of God.  After all, since God created the universe, learning about the laws of the universe teaches us about God too.  Because of that, I’m really looking forward to how our students and I will be getting to do some science experiments and learning about electricity and circuitry with the Alaskan students.