Meet the 2019 team – Jon!

I am one of the two children of Jessica and David. I am in 7th grade at Glacier Creek Middle School (in Middleton, Wisconsin) and will be turning 13 on August 4th. I love to play card and board games (mostly Magic the Gathering or chess) and to read! I volunteer at the nursery at Blackhawk and have been on a much smaller scale trip called Madison Missions where my group and I volunteered to do many things: from delivering meals to those in need, to helping out at the community center, to pulling invasive garlic mustard from natural areas in the city. I have enjoyed all of these experiences and want to do more to help others, that is why I applied for this trip.

3 thoughts on “Meet the 2019 team – Jon!

  1. Grandpa Jeff and I are so proud of you, Jon! Have fun and remember we are praying for you and the Blackhawk team!

  2. Hey Jon, lookin at the blog and hoping for some news on how your plane trip went. Hope you were able to see some of the sights while in flight. Sending our love, Gr and Gr Hager

  3. Hi Jon!
    We are thinking about you and are praying you have a great trip!
    ~The Harwoods

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