Medieval Mayhem, cupcakes and more!

Sorry for the delay in getting posts up here for the past few days, we’ve been experiencing technical difficulties… ah, technology. Thanks for your patience!

We’ve had an absolute whirlwind of activities and fun in the past few days. It’s hard for all of us to believe that it’s Friday (night!) already! We’ve even had kids express that they’d like to stay one more week— which is HUGE. It’s awesome that they’ve poured their hearts into serving God and still feel like they’re not done! (Don’t worry, moms and dads. We’re headed home soon!)
First incredible blessing: from day one, when we had seventeen students from the Sutton area come to camp, our numbers have only grown. We counted TWENTY TWO today! Awesome! Amazing! God surely provides!
The Smith Family organized a super fun activity that they called Medieval Mayhem, that spanned parts of two days. The first day, we split into four groups, and designed and built a castle, a flag, a banner, a joust, and an axe out of recyclable materials and old sheets. The next day, there were several games: a jousting game, where two competitors on bikes tried to knock a jug of water off a bench; an “axe toss” (cardboard axes), and a great game of capture the flag using the castles as our strongholds! Everyone loved it!
We enjoyed Alaskan S’mores at the campfire…
We also hiked Hatcher Pass. One group chose to go up to Reflection Lake (which was still frozen over!) and the other group went to Independence Mine. The weather was beautiful! We enjoyed a dinner in Sutton at Subway/ Dairy Queen that night.
Yesterday, we went to the school ground and played games: an obstacle course, Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors, and Capture the Flag!
Today we had our final day with our campers, and it was a MARATHON day… we had lots of fun games to start us off, followed by our final two skills clubs: paracord bracelets, and knitting/origami. These were both big hits. After lunch we played a really fun game called 5 minute movies. The kids had to recreate well-loved movies in a 5 minute time limit. We also got to play a different version of Capture the Flag that some of our GO Team members organized. Tonight we are hosting a community potluck, and will get to meet some of the parents and younger siblings of the campers we’ve gotten to know!
Tomorrow, we pack up and head back to Anchorage. This has been an incredible week!

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  1. Awesome. Soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow tired. Audrey, we are so proud of you and miss you, but we love that you are part of this mission. Love, Dad

  2. What a joy to see the fruits of many years of go team’s efforts! All of planning, work, love, building, and being God’s hands and feet have not gone unnoticed. Praise God!

    I can only imagine how wonderful it has been. But we are ready to have you all home! Audrey can’t wait to see you.

  3. Love Love loved getting your update! Especially closing out a HOT Friday night. Sounds like things have been pretty boring and eventful up there?? Just
    Kidding. Love the creativity in how you have spent your time. Did anybody share with you all that it was stupid hot here in the Madison area today? Same expected for tomorrow as well so soak up that fresh Alaskan air. Praises for all the fun you have had this week with the abundance of campers and for the ways you have touched their lives! God is so good! The numbers aren’t the important part-it is that you are there to shower them with your love. Enjoy the weekend and close out of your time in Alaska. Make every minute matter. You are in such a cool and unique place, don’t let it go to waste. Be sure to thank your hosts and leaders for loving on you this week. Much love from us!

  4. What an incredible testament of God’s power and love! It’s so fun to hear about all the fun activities and the friendships being built. We’re so thankful to the Lord for each one of you! Thank you for serving and loving on these kids! The community sees Jesus through you!

    Abby girl, we loved seeing you makin’ those s’mores! Were they delicious? Miss you so much and can’t wait for you to come home! Hugs and kisses!

  5. 60. 60 hours until you’re back home and sharing your stories!! I must say my house is not more quiet like many of yours, but it is so strange with you gone Zoie. Everyone behaves differently with you gone. We sure do miss you!!

    Sounds like there has been tons of fun and excitement. God is so good!! 22 kiddos is INCREDIBE!!!!! I am so excited for each of your experiences, new friendships and personal growth!! I am sure dinner was/is amazing and you will sleep like rocks!!

    Zoie, Kiki says sorry for your room…lol…she has been projecting all week…And Sebastian has some exciting news to share with you about his phone when you get back!! Hugo says have fun and travel safe. We all love you!! Good night and Sweet dreams!!

  6. So happy to hear the great news, you are being so blessed and pass the blessings to the all the people around you, I am more happy than you all coming soon, I can’t wait to hear from Sarahi all what God reveals to her through this days, praying for all to have a good and safe trip back home.
    Sarahi, te quiero mucho y deseo tanto verte, te extrano y me haces mucha falta tu y tus hermanos son mi vida., que dios te bendiga y te cuide hija Mia.

  7. Proud of you all! Especially my B-Girl.
    Sorry hun, I know you don’t like that nick-name

  8. Thank you for the updates. Sounds like everyone had a blast – campers and GO team and leaders alike! So many lives are being touched and blessed. What an experience which will live with you for the rest of your lives – the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, smiles, laughter and sharing! Enjoy it all and let it change you forever for God’s purposes. Safe travels to Anchorage!

  9. SO MANY FUN NEW THINGS! I love these updates 🙂 We did 5-minute movies at MadMish this past week too – hopefully you were laughing just as hard as we were.

    Bennett – I “tortured” my MadMish team with Bohemian Rhapsody all week, which made me think of you and really miss your excitement for that song.

    I hope you all have an awesome day debriefing today and exploring anchorage tomorrow.

    To the leaders: You can do this! I know you’re probably ridiculously tired at this point, but as long as you can still count to 17 you’re good to go, right? 😉 Thank you all so much for the time, love, and energy that you’ve all poured into this trip. It definitely takes a team effort and I am so glad that each and every one of you have been a part of that team this year.

  10. What an amazing week you all had, seeing God answer so many prayers! I hope that the weekend in Anchorage is fun and full of sweet moments as a team!

    *Abby – Mom and Livy and I reunited last night (Fri night), and we can’t wait to see you on Monday! I smiled when I saw the s’mores – you must have loved it! We miss you and are so proud of you… Bowl of Heaven when you get back? 🙂

  11. It’s always nice to hear the laughter in your stories, the smiles in the pictures, and the personal notes of growth in the blog. Even with three days left, God can still do much more for y’all. Thanks for the updates!

  12. What a great update!! It sounds like the week was a smashing success! If you have people wanting to stay longer that is a great indication the mission was accomplished!

    So very proud of you Craig and Noah! I can NOT wait to see you both! Enjoy your last day and we will see you Monday. You are coming back right? 😉

    Love to my guys, and the whole team!

  13. Not sure if you’ll even get a chance to read this tonight, just want to tell you to have a super awesome last day in Alaska tomorrow!! Whoop!!! You all have done incredible relationship building and had tons of fun! I am super excited to see you all and especially you Zoie!! I miss you So much!!! Travel safe tmrw night. I will be watching and praying for each of you and your safe return!! Rest well!!

    • Heather, you’ll love knowing that we’ve all LOVED the animal facts! Zoie even provided us all one about starfish tonight 🙂
      The kids would love ONE MORE to get us through our trip…

  14. Love reading all of this!
    How exciting that you’re up to 22 kids. Thanks, team, for pouring out your love on this Alaskan community… I’m sure the love is reciprocal. It’s all treasure beyond our understanding… Be encouraged!

    Lots of LOVE!

  15. Last day….last animal facts…so here’s a couple!! 1.) A shrimps heart is located in its head!!! 2.) Koalas have finger prints so similar to humans that they been been confused in a crime scene. 3.) A Rhinos horn is made of hair. 4.) Slugs have 4 noses. 5.) Sloths take 2 weeks to digest their food 6.) Giraffes do not have vocal cords. 7.) Kangaroos can’t fast. And lastly, 3% of the glacial ice in Antarctica is made of of penguin pee. Hahaha!!! See you guys tomorrow morning!!!!!

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