Shout outs!

For anyone who has either had a loved one be a part of this trip, or has gone on the trip— you have seen shout outs!  The members of the team love touching base with loved ones who have reached out. Here are a few:


Hey family I miss you all tons I made a new Alaska friend and Alaska team friends Zoe I hope you are taking good care of mom and dad

Abby- LIVY!!! I miss you so much! I’m so proud that you went on that zipline. Mom, thanks for the tip about the cheese. Also thanks for the gum. Eat a slice of carrot cake for me :). Dad, love you so much. Staying on that green line!

Kaitlyn- Hola family! I love you all so much. Emma, don’t grow up too much without me. Mom, it was weird wearing pants all day. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Addie- Hey hey hey! To all my friends and family… I love you and miss you sooo much!! I can’t wait to see you all… thanks for all the letters too! They put a smile on my face. Edith, Reiner, and Willa… thank you for the picture! It was BUTTEiful!!! Love y’all! See ya


Zoie- Thanks for the fun facts mom 😉 it was kinda embarrassing .Love you all see you when I get home!

Sarahi- Hey mom thanks for all the comments, I miss you so much! And I miss Yaritza and Padre too! Also Happy 8th birthday Moi, I hope it was great and you had a good day. I love and miss all of you!!

Emily – shout out to Miss Madison, you’re a rockstar! Miss you and our orange room kiddos! my fellow old people Madmish leaders – Miss leading with you guys and hope your week is going great. KP- Miss you AK buddy! Megan Smith – you are amazing. Love you friend!

Noah- I miss you Mac!!!! Love you all back in Waunakee and miss you dearly! Having fun here and am excited not to leave!!!


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  1. It is great to hear that you all are having an amazing experience. You are missed! I hope Camp is going well and that God is shining through each of you as you work with the campers and each other. Soak up the experience!

    Audrey – miss you kid, so much. Can’t wait to have you home. Love.

    • Awesome, kiddo. Glad to hear. We miss you. Zoe is taking good care of us, you set a great example for her. Love, Dad

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Now a shout out to the leaders who are walking alongside our kiddos! Thank you to you for taking a week plus of your summer to minister to them even if you don’t see yourself as somebody who ministers. To me, a week with middle schoolers is no picnic but I am guessing this group of middle schoolers makes it easy. Addie-it is QUIET in the house without you! Who would have thought, huh? Your presence and personality are missed but so thankful for this amazing opportunity you and the rest of the team have.

    On our end, to use a quote we like to say “nothing happened fun with me.” No butte hikes, glacier walks, moose sighting or spa camps here this week. I did win both my tennis matches (and Jinny won her match too!) Gabi passed her drivers permit written test and went to a yoga class, Aunt Anne and family are sleeping in their new house, the land across the street from our house has been torn up for new homes to be built, and Dad has been busy working.

    Keep on keeping on team! Be bucket fillers.

  3. Hi Noah!

    Mac here! Thanks for the shoutout! I miss you too! I have been busy while you are gone… I have caught a few flies, chased dozens of birds, been beat in a race with a bunny, tore my blankie in half, worked on the hole in the front yard (it is much easier to make a hole deeper on a VERY rainy night…but mom was super mad at me and I can’t understand why), spent a lot of time at mom’s feet and visiting Luke in his suite. I am excited for you TO come back so don’t be silly and stay there. Say hi to Dad! Tell him mom is paying plenty of attention to me, even at night when I normally stick by him.

    Love ya Noah (and Dad)!
    MacSweeney Stevens – the ONE year old dog as of today

  4. Addie- So cool to hear about your trip! We miss you so much! It is very quiet here, which is kind of weird. I can’t wait to see you when you get back!
    Gabi Dobereiner
    P.S. Regarding your previous post, I hope that Addie was not the one cutting hair! 😬

  5. Audrey- I miss you so much and hope your having the time of your life
    Sincerely, Zoe

  6. Abby!! So great to hear from you! We are leaving Gull Lake tomorrow. Livy is sad, but is already thinking about next summer and figuring out when we can all go together! We are praying for you and the team everyday! Thanks for praying for Liv this week as well. Can’t wait to exchange God stories with you when you get back! We love you so much! Miss you tons and tons!
    ❤️❤️❤️, Mom

  7. Miss you so much, Abby! Thanks for the shoutout, and it’s so great to hear you’re still on that green line! I’m now speaking at a camp in NC, while mom and Liv are at a camp in MI, and you’re organizing a camp in AK! Can’t wait to hear all the stories. Know that the Lord loves you so much, and we do too :).

  8. Can’t believe it’s already Thursday and soon your adventure will be coming to a close. Continue to be open to all that you are surrounded by. Alaska is a beautiful state in many ways. Hope the Alaskan s’mores you make today will be super yummy this year ( ha, ha, they’ll be stupendous),
    oh that’s right, they will be now that the graham crackers got added back into the ingredient list-thanks Quint! Have one for me, would ya?!
    To everyone at Eaglecrest, the Smith family, staff, Blackhawk, the groups prior to you and those who are yet to arrive and all those who are behind the scenes, keep doing what you’ve doing because GREAT and AMAZING things are happening even if you can’t visually see it. God is SO good!

    Blessings and prayers for all~Konnie

    PS- Quint, did you find someone to run with this year?

  9. Thank you so much for shots today, I am so happy to hear from all of you but especially to hear from Sarahi, my sunshine.
    Sarahi, maybe I am not to good to comunícate with you and I push you to much but please never forget that I just want the best for you and anything I do is because I love you xoxo xoxo much 😘
    We having a good day so far, Yaritza is with shareen, she’s teaching her to drive, we all having a dinner with her tonight in a new place, sumó sushi grill… I will take you went you back if I like 😊

  10. Dear Zoie,
    Hi!! Clearly, I have done my job! I am sorry your mother is soo o embarrassing!! Hahaha, wink, wink!!! I love you to pieces.
    And with that being said…Animal fact #3…Salmon. who knew Salmon were so important! They are center piece to all animal life in Alaska.
    Lol, in all seriousness, Thank you leaders and students. Thank you for growing with, supporting and loving on my daughter. Our family feels so blessed. We are praying the last day at camp goes strenuously. I pray you each rest well tonight!!
    Zoie, I love you kid. Sweet dreams!

  11. Sarahi, I can not stop thinking on you, Moises is so happy for your message and he wants me to write again in the blog to say to you . that he miss you so much and he wish you be here, we all love you and miss you, God bless you , hope you have chance to see the kids that you meet last year and reconnect with then in the name of Jesus., for him is the glory and he knows why u are there.

  12. I know the team did and experienced amazing God filled moments today again and look forward to hearing more!
    “We cannot all do great things but we can all do little things with great love.” —Mother Teresa
    All of your little things add up even the tiniest smile! Keep being a blessing and opening your hearts.
    Natalie, we love and miss you and are proud of you and your team. Keep serving with a loving and genuine heart. Chloe misses you too and can’t wait to kiss and cuddle when you come home. —love, Mom and Dad

  13. Addie— Edith says, “I love you!” And we do too:). Fun reading about your time there- can’t wait to hear more!! Praying for you and your team.

  14. Kaitlyn- Blanca arrived safe and tired. It was if she never left. Emma warmed up to her quickly. I am sure she anxiously awaits your return as well as we all do. Keep on being faithful and your heart open. Love, Mom

  15. FOR ABBY LIN🙋🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️ From LIVY – Sup bro!!! Hehehehe u totally knew I was going to start like that!!! Are u eating any good food lately? Don’t worry about food for me! It is delish! Will bring home a copy of the menu for you to read🤪🤪Alana and I rode the zip line……..11 times!!!!!!!!!(🤦🏻‍♀️- is that what u were thinking?😊) get this – u are going to be totally shocked and surprised at two of my news 1. I have been eating at gull lake well and two nights ago found out that they also served shellfish! #fearconquer 2. I have not watched ANY EPISODES THE WHOLE WEEK! Mostly because my tablet is in the car, there isn’t WiFi and mom won’t open the car so I can get it!😢🤣 I am praying for u! During small group in lakeside, I also asked them to pray for u!❤️ Miss u a lot!
    Love, Livy

  16. Emily Albright – I am so glad you were able to go to AK again, but good gravy lady, I do miss you team leading at MadMish. So thankful for your friendship, your love of middle school students and the genuine way that your light shines so brightly. Keep shining that light brightly (its gotta be extra bright Bc of all the daylight in AK, right?😉) thanks for the shout out….come back soon…your orange room kids and volunteers miss ya!

  17. Hey uncle Noah. I miss you! I’m glad you are having fun there. I want to see more pictures of you in Alaska. Maybe you can show me when I see you next. Okay I love you. And say hi to my Papa I miss him too.

    Love, Adeline

  18. Malachi!!!!! You are rockin’ it, I’m sure! We are praying for you every day and night. Your brothers and sister are looking forward to seeing you on Monday! I hope you are up for more outside adventures as we decided to go up North for the 4th of July to see the Boone family! 🙂
    I pray you are spreading joy to those around you!! And, no house yet… LOL
    Love you!!!!

  19. Hi Addie! Today is Sunday and I get to sit with people that need Jesus in their life as I do. Enjoy reading all the notes the group have posted. This wonderful trip is coming to a close and I’m sure you will have grown from it. Know that you are loved and mom, dad and sister can’t wait till you blow the French Horn once again! Love you papa Madam President!

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