We made it!

Greetings from Alaska! Our team made it safe and sound. Praise God!
We had a smooth drive up to Minneapolis, had a quick dinner once we got through security…
And a smooth flight up to the land of the midnight sun! Speaking of, this photo was taken at the beginning of our final descent, around 10:30pm local time:
We are excited to wake up tomorrow morning at Eaglecrest, attend a church service in nearby Palmer, and begin our work serving the community! Much much more later.  Good night!

14 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Great pictures! Thank you for the update. We hope the rest of the trip goes as well.

  2. Praise God for safe travels! Hope you all got good rest and God started your trip with an encouraging and heart opening church service this morning. May the Spirit work in and through each and every team member and in everyone you meet right from the get go!

  3. Hooray!!!! Good morning, afternoon and night!!! We are so relieved to hear that your travels went smoothly!! Looking forward to see God’s daily works in each of you!!

    P.S. Zoie, Tito wants you to know that he helped you finish your candy…he’s such a helpful guy!!

  4. So glad to hear you arrived! Rest up for the week ahead. Look forward to your updates. Praying for great weather ahead and amazing time with the campers. Already miss you peanut. We took a “quiet” bike ride around Lake Monona today. I say quiet as Addie wasn’t with asking how much longer. But she won’t do that on any of your hikes this week.

  5. Great to hear that everything went well on the way there! Hope you all have an amazing week! Tell the returning campers that I say hello.
    -Gabi Dobereiner

    Addie- We finished the chicken pot pie, Addie. It was delicious.

  6. What an amazing picture from the plane!! Glad to hear of the safe arrival!

  7. Praise God! So glad that the everyone made it there safely! We hope you got good rest last night and your trip started off with an encouraging and heart opening church service this morning. May God keep watch over the whole team and may the Spirit work through and in all the hearts of the team members as well as everyone you touch! We know that there will be astonishing growth and experiences had over the next week+.

  8. Yay God! So glad the travels were smooth and you have arrived safely! All of us back here are praying for you all and hope that the beginning of the week starts of amazing!

    Craig, Happy Anniversary! I am glad you asked me to hang out with you forever all those years ago!

    Noah, I sure miss you! Mac misses you too! 🙂
    Love you guys!


  9. Celebrating with you all on your safe arrival! Yay! Grateful to the Lord for your protection and smooth travels! We are so excited and expectant to see how the Lord moves in each person throughout the week. May your relationship with Him as well as with one another deepen as you all serve and love others each day! Praying for you! Keep the updates coming!!

    Abby – It’s feta cheese! 🤣🤣 I’ll make a salad on your behalf here at camp! Love you to bits!

  10. Glad you all had safe travels! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  11. I’m so happy to hear from all you, blessings to all, a big hug to my sweetheart Sarahi Garcia 😘

  12. Praying for all of you this morning. Your first day of camp is such a sweet opportunity to get to know students from Sutton. So dang excited for all of you. I’m praying that God will open your eyes to what He is doing in and around you. Emily Albright, we missed you and your team yesterday but Madison M. Was a rockstar! Have a great day.

  13. So thrilled to see these pics! Soexcited for the opportunities you will have to serve and to grow together as a team this week!

    *Abby – I’m so proud of you, and holding you and the team in prayer every day. Miss you so much! And remember to stay on the green line! 🙂

  14. So excited for you! You are blessed to be having the opportunity! Make the best of it! I know you will. Remember you are missed and loved by many! Love you Madam President! Papa

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