Meet the 2018 Team – Anthony



My name is Anthony and this is my third time leading the AlaskaGo Team!


I’m on staff at Blackhawk Church as part of the children’s ministry team, and I also serve as a leader with middle school ministry. An interesting thing that happened to me this week is that multiple people mentioned that I’m a fast runner with flip flops on. These types of comments are a reason why I enjoy serving with kids and families! The most life giving experiences for me are playing games and activities with students. Being outside and playing sports is a favorite, as is staying indoors and playing board games. I’m an ambivert (60% introvert and 40% extrovert), which means most of my free time is spent alone. I enjoy exercise, movies, and video games. When I’m with people, I love love love cook outs and picnics. Some people describe me as a person who is always ready to eat food, and I’m looking forward to my favorite summer foods: Watermelon, corn on the cob, and spare ribs.  I applied to serve on the Alaska Go Team because I am passionate about the way Eaglecrest connects communities. The best part is seeing students from two different states connect through the love of God and establish meaningful friendships. Blackhawk Church’s middle school team of parents and volunteers invest so much energy into students during the school year, and this summer mission trip allows me to visibly see the fruit of those investments. Our students are incredibly unique and constantly inspire me to be God’s hands and feet. I’m excited to be a part of this mission, and also excited to spend some quiet time with the beauty that’s in Alaska. This mission trip is literally a breath of fresh air. Please pray that we take the time to slow down and appreciate in the 22 hours of sunlight!

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  1. Anthony!! We get to meet again! Really looking forward to seeing where God has been working in your life!!

  2. Malachi Boone,
    Is that you covered in shaving cream or cool whip?

    What animal needs oil?

    A mouse because it squeaks!!!!!!

    Haha haha

    Have a great week!

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