Meet the 2018 Team – Sarahi

Hi my name is Sarahi I’m 14 and in the fall I’ll be a sophomore at Verona Area High School. I’m both social and quiet so the things I like to do varies on my mood, but I like to play my ukulele, photography ,taking care of kids (especially this one girl named Noelle), listening to music, taking walks, random car rides with my dad ,and just being around people.
I was part of team last year and just being in Alaska brought me closer to God. I really connect to God in nature, because it reminds me of his glorious work. With all honesty , I’m a person who can’t be off their phone that long, but while being in Alaska you get this sort of relief being disconnected off your phone. Whether your sitting in the campfire, playing in the fields, or doing Devotional in the fields (me), you can definitely feels God presence. For me nothing makes me happier then being outside whether rain or shine, or in Wisconsin’s case snow!
I cant wait to get to Alaska, so we can all teach the Alaskan student more about God and his amazing glory and to build strong friendships while were there. I hope on this trip I make strong connections with not only the Alaska students and the Smith family , but also with this fun, energetic team.
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