Meet the 2018 Team – Emma Weber

My name is Emma Weber and this will be my first time going on this trip! I moved to Wisconsin about 2 years ago and have been part of MSM at Blackhawk ever since. This last year at Blackhawk I was honored to be a part of the middle school Revolution team. After hearing so many amazing things about this mission trip I decided it would be such a great opportunity to know some of my middle school students more and meet new middle school students as well. 

While I am looking forward to the amazing views I’ve heard so much about, hiking is not really more forte. I am, however, very much looking forward to this team of wonderful people bonding and looking forward to serving the people we meet and getting to know them. I’ve never been on a mission trip where the students are truly the leaders, where they are the ones taking the initiative, I’m anticipating all the ways God will use them on this trip and help them grow. I have no doubt he will also be working in my life and am anxious to see in what ways.
In my free time I’m constantly cooking and trying out new recipes. I also enjoy playing golf with my husband, Geoff, and feel very blessed to get to go on this trip with him. I adore writing and receiving letters and enjoy reading a good book. 
Thank you to everyone who supported our team…we are ever so grateful for you!