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Hello Blog reader!  Welcome to the Middle School Alaska Mission Trip Blog!  If you can’t guess, I’m not a Middle Schooler or student going on the trip.  My name is Craig and I’m one of the leaders going on the trip.  This will be my third trip headed to Sutton, AK to see what God had in store for the team.  Each year is a different experience and brings joys and challenges that we don’t plan for.  Our Blackhawk Students go on the trip thinking they are going to be helping – and they do, but they really get to see God work in them!  It is truly an amazing time!

I really connected with the Eaglecrest Missions team on the ground and the Alaskan students that we’ve met over the years.  I’m excited to go back for a third year with my son being part of the group!  The trip offers us an opportunity to serve alongside the Eaglecrest team but it also allows us to witness God’s creation! 

A fun fact about me…  I never wanted to be a leader….  As a parent, I wanted my kids to go on a mission trip by themselves.  I wanted them to experience a mission trip without them feeling that a parent was always looking over their shoulder.  I thought that was what I wanted.  Well…. To make a long story short, God had a different plan.  He called me to be a leader 4 years ago during my first trip…. and what a special plan it was.  I’m so grateful that He nudged me to get out of my comfort zone and become a leader. 

To everyone who helped support a member of this trip – THANK YOU!  We are so grateful and  humbled by your support.   In HIM – Craig



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  1. Hey, Co-pilot!! Looking forward to catching up with you! Been a few years! I imagine you will have a great time getting reacquainted with some of the Alaska students again. I am sure Dillon will be very happy to see you!! Tell Noah I am really looking forward to seeing him once again!

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