Meet the 2018 Team – Ben Knox

My name is Ben, and I’m on the MSM staff team at Blackhawk. This will be my second time on the Alaska team. Last time (2014) I tore my ACL playing ultimate frisbee, so I’m looking forward to a less-eventful trip this time!

I ❤️ LOVE ❤️ our partnership with Eaglecrest because our students fit a niche that helps Eaglecrest advance its mission in the community of Sutton.

While on the trip, I will miss my wife, Meggan, and our two kids, Andrew (8) and Abby (3). They will be having fun with all their grandparents that week. Upon my return, Abby will be skeptical of my presence for the first couple days, and Andrew will want to cuddle regularly. 😊