Saturday – Debrief Day

Howdy folks,

Paxton here! Today is July 1st! Yes, yes it is! Believe me I’m just as shocked as you. This week has flown by, and we have all learned so much and grown together as a community.

A little bit about my experience so far, I’ve had a great time getting to know my team members. This trip is full of gifted students and leaders who I have been able to have great conversations with. My faith has grown through these opportunities to speak with and teach them. I’m blessed to have gotten to listen to and share with each person on our team, but here are some highlights. Over pizza, Robb and I were able to share about how to best use our gifts and live out our beliefs. (God is good in so many ways) I also was able to share and hear about the life stories of our team members. Discussions came up about why God allows bad things to happen to good people and what that means for us as Christ followers. How do we best follow God when times get tough? These conversations have certainly helped me to grow in my faith; I know our team cannot wait to take this knowledge back to Madison and share with y’all.

In other news, today we hiked Hatchers Pass, a mountain range and goldmine just outside of Sutton. God’s creation is so beautiful; we couldn’t help but marvel at the mountains and crystal clear water. Check out the photos on Eaglecrest they may be beautiful, but they don’t do justice to what we’ve seen.

Once we’d made it through the pass we went back to camp, cleaned up, and said our goodbyes. Now we are off to Anchorage to stay overnight at Change Point Church. Despite us being disappointed to leave camp, we are all very excited to return to Madison and continue building relationships at home. We cannot wait to see you all.

Best, Paxton & Company

10 thoughts on “Saturday – Debrief Day

  1. This is just one leg in the journey God has planned for you all. Can’t wait to see what He has planned for the next one.

    Very, very excited to have you home A!

  2. Sending love and prayers to you guys from Philly! How cool that no matter where we are, God is the same and working already! Hoping you are all encouraged and challenged the same by this opportunity.

  3. What a testament to all God has placed before us. He is good! Thank you all for using your time and talents to shine God’s love!

  4. Have a great Sunday! Praise God for a wonderful week. See you all soon.

  5. Enjoy this last full day in Alaska. Scenery is a tad bit different there from what you live with here. Can’t wait to welcome you all back at Blackhawk tomorrow.

  6. Thank you for sharing your adventures each day. Was so blessed to see God’s gorgeous scenery & all the beautiful, smiling faces! Safe travels home. Can’t wait to hear your stories, Makae! See you soon!
    Love you!

  7. Can’t wait for you to be home, kiddo, but so glad you got to do this, so proud of you being part of Jesus going viral in Alaska. You’ve run and not gotten tired, time for you to soar like an eagle back home.

  8. Come home and celebrate your stories and a boomin 4th of July. May our God anoint your summer with more adventures. y’all loved, Mrs.H-P

  9. Thankful to hear all about this team over the week, but I so happy to hear that we will see you all tomorrow, thanks to God for everything that he makes in each of you through this days full of blessings…. See you soon 💗

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