Day 6 – Yard Games and Picnic!

HI! We had 2 groups of students writing blogs for us today! So here is another perspective on today!



Hola my name is Padraig. Today was our 5th day of camp we played dodgeball today. After the game was finished we went inside to make lunch, then once we were ready we headed for the vans and went to the school for games. On the way there we had fun in the vans. Once there we hung out for a while then went to the field to play games.

Some of the games we played where javelin toss: you had to throw the noodle as far as you could, Gavin and I won the one. Egg toss: every time you tossed the egg to your partner the farther you had to go back. Leg race: you and a partner had to cross the finish line first with one of your legs tied to your partners. After that we all had the lunches we made. Then we had an amazing race where each team created a team name and cheer. Then we had to do cartwheels and crab walks to race to the end. Green team won. After we were done we went to the camp fire and then did skill clubs. The skill Clubs were water color painting and cross necklaces. After that we hung until we had the pot luck. We got to meet more the families in our community and have fun. The food was amazing. Most of it was home grown, including the rhubarb crisp, other food was homemade. After we all ate people still hung out, past 10: 00PM!!!!

From the Alaskan students, and Padraig

6 thoughts on “Day 6 – Yard Games and Picnic!

  1. What fun!

    I am sorry to see your journey coming to a close, but excited to have you home team! Safe travels.

  2. Sounds like it was the best possible way to end camp week!!! And a pot luck with all the families?!?! Sweet!!!!! You all have an incredible saturday and rest well tonight, as tomorrow will be a long day.
    Truth be told, I am counting the hours (54ish) til I can hug you Zoie! What an awesome week you’ve had so far…and your off to another great day of adventure today!!

  3. Well done Padraig! Sounds like an awesome day! The pictures along with the stories from you students creates great ideas of your time in Alaska. How special to do this with old and new friends and your dad! You are building memories to last a lifetime.

    Miss you, love you, praying for all!

  4. So incredibly thankful for the adult leaders and Eaglecrest for pouring into this fantastic group of kids and the area youth. Grateful for the opportunity for our Makae. Can’t wait to hear so much more and to squeeze the heck out of our girl in a few more days! We’ve missed her like crazy! xoxo

  5. Well done paddy!!
    I bet that rhubarb crisp was delicious ~ you had my mouth watering
    Love you and can’t wait to see you

  6. It sounds like you all had a fantastic week! And home cooked food at a potluck?! I can’t think of a better way to end a week. It seems like you all learned a lot and had a blast doing it. So thankful that you had such a great group that dedicated their time to make so many great memories!

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