Day 6 – The Last Day of Camp

Day 6
Hello again! It was our last day of day camp and everyone is sad to see the Alaskan students leave. We were excited to see some new faces and also returning day campers. We spent our morning playing dodgeball and field games with the kids from the library. We returned to Eaglecrest for skills clubs. The activities today were wire cross necklaces, watercolor painting, and improv games. This evening, Eaglecrest hosted a community picnic. It was nice to meet the parents and friends of the campers. We all miss our families, but are sad to see our time hear coming to a close.
Gabi, Misha, Jacob, and Quoddy (Jacob and Quoddy are two of the Alaskan students)

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  1. The picnic sounds like an awesome chance to meet the community. Hard to believe so many days have already passed and that camp is over. Looking forward to seeing you again soon and hearing all about Alaska.

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