Day 5 – Camp & New Friends!

DAY 5 BLOG – this was written yesterday and again, due to some technical difficulties (on our end this time) wasn’t able to be posted…. here we go again!


Today was our 4th day of camp and we are still gaining more students. This morning we worked on our self-image and meditation. In the afternoon today we had an incredible experience, hiking the one mile trail around Reflection Lake, creating unforgettable relationships and memories with each other and the Alaskan Students. After our hike we enjoyed some ice cream with the Alaskan kids and while we were getting ice cream we made a new friend named Kevin (a fact about Kevin is that he motorcycled across all 50 states and Alaska was his last stop), it was really nice to meet him. Tomorrow we pray for a good last day of camp with the students and for a good night’s rest.

Sincerely: Landon, Bennett, Gabi and Sarahi

P.S. MOM!! (This is Gabi) WILL YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT A COWFFALO IS!?! I’m pretty sure I’m not making this up from a dream. I might have gotten the name wrong, so if you don’t remember what it is, it is a smallish cow/buffalo looking thing with a lot of hair. No one knows what I’m talking about.

Hi friends and family.

Here we are, approaching our final day of day camp here at Eaglecrest and there are so many mixed emotions. We are excited for the campers to come and to watch the final skills clubs take place, but we are also pretty sad that this time has come to an end. The students have excelled far more than any of the leaders thought possible and each one of them have shown a servant heart, veracity (truthfulness), initiative, encouragement, and God’s love.  Tonight we spent a few moments highlighting one another’s strengths in these characteristics. To hear the love pour from one student into another, and watch the team become closer and overcome obstacles together has been a blessing that I don’t think you can explain, unless you were here. Speaking of which…. Have our stories, pictures and journey enticed you to entertain the idea of being a leader next year on this trip? Yes? Great! Find me when we get back, we we’ll talk!

One of the things that has surprised me has been the community’s response when we go out on the town. We have had many people question our sanity, quite a few people laugh at the candidness of our children, and so. many. compliments. (Seriously. Whatever you are doing at home – please keep it up. )

Our friend Kevin (a former law enforcement officer from Ohio) expressed it perfectly when he said, “in a world of so much negativity and brokenness, it is truly God’s blessing to have these kids involved in mission work and a Christian community at such a pivotal age.” I couldn’t agree more.

On this trip I have been not only a leader, but a mom as well. (Talk about an interesting dynamic…) In one hour, I have experienced the FULL range of emotions and have constantly come back to the same thought, “Our leaders are incredible.” Their gifts work so well together with each other and with our children and at times, it is truly unbelievable. To be a parent and leader on this trip, and take a step back and watch the strength, the passion, and the vulnerability of the people who are walking hand in hand with us and our students – it’s something I don’t think I ever appreciated before as much as I do now. As a leader, this is by far the best team I have EVER been a part of. I say this from all of our leaders – thank you for giving us the opportunity to walk with your children on this journey.

Much love,



11 thoughts on “Day 5 – Camp & New Friends!

  1. Gabi – Ha! What sheltered lives your friends must lead if they don’t know what a Cowffalo is – really?! Just kidding! This is a totally made up name for what is otherwise known as Highland Cattle (if I could post a picture, I would).

    Great to get the updates and hear about the amazing experience you and the rest of the team are having this week. Love to hear how you’ve come together as a team to serve the community in Sutton, AK.

    Look forward to seeing you next week!


  2. So happy to hear about how God is moving in all of your hearts from BH, and the hearts of Eaglecrest and the whole community… even Kevin the motorcycle man! The depths and delights that God pours out on these trips are hard to replicate… drink it all in. Bless each one of you!

  3. I’m sitting in the middle of the lunch rush at Mooyah, reading this out loud to Bennett’s dad and brother, crying.
    God’s blessings be abundant on you all!

  4. Sarahi, what a great experience you have meeting Kevin , that is amazing… now you understand went I talk to you about this broken world, but we always have a choice to make the difference and most went we do something good no matter what , we always can do It.
    I love you so much and I am so happy to hear what God is doing for everyone.
    God is good , he is in control 💗

  5. Cheers to closing our your week of camp for the kids of Sutton! What an accomplishment. Enjoy these last few days in the fresh Alaskan air. I am guessing I am not the only parent who is looking forward to wrapping my arms around my daughter on Monday afternoon. So full of pride that she and all the other kids on the team had this opportunity to grow in their faith, experience new things, work with a team, and see Gods work in unique ways. Humbled by the support of many who allowed her the chance to be apart of this team. Am I the only parent that has had leaky eyes nearly every time I read a blog post from the team? Like in the middle of Target with leaky eyes. Blame it on the Holy Spirit.

  6. Such a blessing to hear that it seems there is a very united team of students this year. I’m sure they all have poured out their heart and soul to the Alaskan students, activities and events while in AK. Thanks to our leaders for being their for our children. As the week comes to a close may everyone stay strong, get some rest, and keep the faith. Only a few more days and you all will be able to crash in your own bed. 🙂

    – Can’t wait to see you Quint, not having you around has made me realize how much you make me smile and chuckle and I’ve missed that. Hugs. Mom

    Thinking of you all,

  7. Thanks for the update. Thrilled to hear of the way God is moving through each of you. We miss you but you are right where He wants you.

    Many, many thanks to the leaders for sharing your time, your talents, and your love with the kids.

    A- we miss you, cant wait to hear all about your adventures in person.

  8. Glad to hear everything is going well and that the students are enjoying time with their new friends. The pictures and scenery have been beautiful to see. Give thanks to God for this opportunity.
    Quint- safe travels home and see you soon. Grandma S.


  9. As I write this, I know you are approaching the last hour or so of camp. I just want to say Way to go!!!! Successful week of learning, loving, growing and building lifetime relationships!! Remember it’s not good bye, but rather See ya later as the camp kids go on their way.

    You’re all in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful evening!!!

    Love you Zoie!!


  10. Sorry we’re so late in sending a little note. What a trip of a lifetime it’s been for all of you!

    Bennett, we love and miss you and are so proud of you. Take care and have a great time on the rest of your journey. We’ll be seeing you soon!

    Love, Grmpa Tom and Grma Patti OX OX

  11. A–can’t wait to see you and hear all about it on Monday. Miss you. Very proud of you and the team and everything you do up there.

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