Day 3 – Shout Outs!!!!

Hey there!! The last few days we have been talking A LOT about community and building relationships here and we thought we’d take a moment and send some “Shout Outs” and love to our community back home.

Don’t worry tomorrow morning (most likely around your lunch time) we will be sharing pictures and stories about today’s amazing hike up the butte and out fun at day camp. But for now….. here is what we’d like to say:

Anthony: shout out to my nephew hudson. Thank you for the letter, i read it on my plane ride. Also, shout out to my dad. I’m thinking of you a lot out here.

Makae: Shout our to mom and dad. I miss you a lot and I am having fun.

Quint: Shout out to the Dahmen’s!

Gabi: Shout out to the Dobereiner family and friends. Thank you so much for the cards and the opportunity to go to Alaska. It is amazing.
ps: **Amanda Kelsey & Kristin would like to know what a Cowffallo is. Kristin might have made Gabi believe that she had had a Cowffallo Burger on State Street before. 🙂

Ellie: Dear Mom, Andy, Betsy & Dad, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip. Thank you for sacrificing your time and your resources for me. I appreciate you so much. Love you and miss you.
Shout out to Mrs. Jacobson – you are so good to me.

Misha: I want to give a shout out to my parents, thank you for putting in your time and effort to this trip and encouraging me the whole way. I wouldn’t be here without you.

Sarahi: Shout out to Mo. May 7 years be the year for you! Shout out to my parents for making this trip happen. Shout out to Yaritza for convincing me to go on this trip! I’m having a good time!!

Bailey: Shout out to dad/Ian & uncle Arthur. Good luck cleaning up Grampa’s property!

Madison: Shout out to my parents and other family members. Thank you for making this trip possible. I am having a blast. I have made tons of new friends.

Zoie: Shout out to my family for writing me letters everyday. Thank you. Peace. *squat*

A: Thank you to my parents for letting me come to a place so far away from home. To my sister don’t drive our parents up the wall!

Emily: Hey Christa, Ellie and I miss you a ton and we were thinking of you on our hike today! Amen.

From Jack to my parents: Thank you.

Bennett: Hey fam, just want you to know im pretty good. i had a really good sleep last night.

Hagen: Thank you to everyone for funding this trip.

Padraig: Thank you friends and family. Hi!!

Gavin: Shout out to Nolan!! And the family in Colorado!

HP: Shout out to mom, dad, jake & wylie it’s gorgeous here! Ops team- thanks for covering while I’m away!

Kristin: Praise be to God for the miracles, encouragement, and showing up in so many ways. The views are amazing & the people are incredible. Can we move here? 😉 Thank you family and friends for the love and encouragement. It has been very well received! Love you all. Jay- accomplished my goal!!!! 🙂

Amanda: Shout out to my family – miss you guys and I can’t wait to show you all the awesome pictures and make you guys jealous. Megan – miss you buddy! I appreciate all the post-its 🙂 Emily Albright- Friend! Thanks so much for the amazing Alaska jokes, I will definitely be sharing those!

Kelsey: Shout out to Ella, Tessa, and Pants! I’ve been missing you all and have been reminded multiple times of some awesome memories with each of you from AK!

Robb: so much love to share with so many people. Shout out to my wife and daughter rocking it in Michigan. Love you more. Thanks to Megan for the care notes and tasty treat, too sweet you are indeed. To Christopher W your advice for ear plugs was a savior!

Paxton: Shoutout to Mom and Dad, Bryson and Jace, and all my friends back home. I miss yal, thank you for all your well wishes 🙂 love you guys!

13 thoughts on “Day 3 – Shout Outs!!!!

  1. Looking forward to hearing about the hike and your other adventures. Thank you for the blog updates.

    Keep up the amazing work you all are doing…. you are His hands and feet.

    A – we love you! Go be awesome!

  2. Love getting to read your blog posts! We are praying for you guys, and are so excited to hear about all of your adventures!

  3. So great to hearing how the trip has been for you all and there is so much more for you to do:experience! This blog is a life saver as I admitted to Matt on MONDAY night that I was missing Gabi just a bit. Maybe more than just a bit. But am beyond excited about this opportunity for her and the rest of the team. Huge growing opportunity for all-don’t be afraid to let God stretch each of you. You’ll be glad you got stretched! Stretching is good and we could likely all could stand to be stretched more. Love you G!

    • Gabi would like you to know your comment is seriously lacking critical information on the Cowffallo situation. (Though we do still love the comments – please keep them coming)

  4. Paddy looks like you are experiencing so many great things ~ keep sharing all of gods love through your amazing self!!
    Love you tons

  5. H-P you rock and the whole Go Team is super cool in my book. Love that you guys are taking in God’s creation and seeing how amazing His gifts to us really are! Sarah, Wylie wants to howl with the wolves!!!! Y’all loved. Mrs. H-P

  6. Zoie: Tito dabs in your direction…and Kiki would respond but she’s off somewhere doing a cartwheel. Hahaha!!!!

    As for me, I love you. And sometimes I forget what a gigantic piece of our family puzzle you are. I am blessed a million times more than I realize most days and am so grateful for the love, friendship, encouragement and guidance this group is giving you.

    God bless each if you!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  7. P.s.
    A special note to Robb:
    Thank you. I am grateful for your profession today!! She already has an appt. for the 12th.
    I appreciate you 🙂

  8. What a fun experience! Love reading the blog!!
    We miss you Landon and are all so excited to read and hear about your adventures!!

    Love you tons

  9. Shout out right back atcha, Misha! We are so happy that you have the opportunity to take on this challenge and the chance to go on this mission trip (a.k.a. adventure). Looking forward to hearing all about the people, camp, library, glacier, hikes, amazing views, wildlife, trees, and God moments.

  10. Love reading the blog and can’t wait to see pictures and hear more about where God is leading you… individuals & as a team.
    Makae, Papa & I love you! Thinking of you every day!! Keep smiling & singing!!

  11. I am Sarahi ‘s mother and I feel so thankful to hear about you sweetheart, we miss you so much, Moises is asking about you and he said today that he wish you to be here, he loves you so so much, we all do and we pray that you have a wonderful and safely time in Alaska , enjoy the beautiful nature that Only God can create and make memories and friends, God bless you Sarahi., Te quiero mucho hija Mia y deseo con todo mi corazon que disfrutes tu viaje y Dios te de sabiduria y Te colme de bendiciones 💗

  12. Amanda, we miss and love you and can’t wait to hear all about it. Safe travels.

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