Monday-Day Camp Begins!

Hey! Thanks for checking in with our blog today, Monday June 26. This is Madison and Kelsey here, telling you all about it!

Our day started out with a group heading out for an early morning run. Shout out to Konnie Dahmen for helping to start that trend last year! Quint followed in your example and took the lead of the front group this morning.

After devotional and breakfast (Emily Davis is keeping Christopher’s 2016 AK Go team pre-breakfast cheers going strong) we kicked off our first day of day camp. We all loved having the kids who came to day camp today! Day camp started out with a crazy fast paced ice breaker led by Paxton where we were able to learn tons of random facts about the students at camp. We had three skills clubs during camp today: making bracelets, decorating cupcakes, and doing archery! Sadly, we don’t have any pictures to show you today of the skills club, but we will definitely have some another time. We also played an outdoor kick ball game, which was really awesome! Overall, everything today just felt like such a great way to learn more about the other students at camp! Day camp wrapped up by gathering around the campfire where we worshiped God by singing out hearts outs (even if we were a little off key, we all had an amazing time).

Here are a few other random tidbits from our day:

β€’ Emily and Ellie were some awesome photographers today. Anthony showed them how to use his super fancy shmancy camera and they had a blast practicing throughout the day.
β€’ A stepped out of her comfort zone about 50 times in one day, rocked it all and is having a blast!
β€’ Chloe and Makae sang their hearts out for all of camp to hear – it was silly awesomeness
β€’ Jack ate a lemon like it was an orange. We saw him do this last year too, but this time he pulled Hagen into his shenanigans πŸ™‚
β€’ The views were still amazing today and we saw so many ways God was communicating to us with His beauty. We all hope you are also growing your faith in God while we are gone and have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

Shout outs:

β€’ Shout out to Emily and Ella – Madison loved the card and crown (see picture), and Kelsey was glad to be reminded of the most important Alaska rules (I’d actually forgotten to pass along those rules… silly me)
β€’ Shout out to Brady just because I can (from Kelsey if that wasn’t obvious)
β€’ Shout out to Craig – thanks for following the blog this week!
β€’ Shout out to all those that comment on the blog – we love the encouragement and it’s a highlight of our campfire every night to know you’re following along!

Happiness And Love,
Everyone from Sutton, Alaska

21 thoughts on “Monday-Day Camp Begins!

  1. What an amazing first day of camp. It sounds like your days are packed to the brim with activity, fun, and love for others and each other. Here at home – we are so proud of you. Thank you for the the blog posts – Keeping up with the AKgoTeam is our favorite entertainment this week.

    Madison – great crown!

  2. 50 times out of the comfort zone in a day is about 50 more than many people do in a lifetime. Way to go, kiddo. Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow tired!

  3. Love reading these! We are thinking about you all everyday and so thankful for what your doing. Can’t wait to see the great photos Ellie and Em have captured! Any great wildlife yet? Looking forward to your next post!!!

  4. A- comfort zone are for ordinary days. Part of what makes you awesome is your willingness to embrace new cultures and ideas. These are extraordinary days – keep being awesome.

  5. I’m so happy I get to follow along on this blog! Every morning I’m excited to check it to see what’s new. Thank you very much for posting on the blog daily! We’re continually praying for all of you!
    It sounds like you’re all having an amazing experience in Alaska. Way to go Chloe for singing your heart out! Please give Chloe a hug for me, we miss her!

    Corie Imhoff

  6. Keep up the great work, team! Thank you for living others and saying “yes” to an awesome God! Love that you’re growing together!

  7. So excited for all you are doing and sharing. Keeping you all and the tasks at hand in my prayers! To God be the glory in all you are doing and may His glory continue to be evident in your surroundings!

  8. It sounds like so many smiles and memories highlight each activity and each day. Thanks for the updates!

  9. Fantastic update, ladies! Nice work! Sounds like yesterday was amazing and what a great way to kick off camp.
    Tell bennett he should be in that running group! πŸ™‚
    Hugs to all– keep up the God work!

  10. Hey there! While you’re still sleeping, I’m grabbing my morning cup of coffee and starting my morning out catching up with you all. Monday sounded like a great day! So excited to hear you are all having cheer time again! Go Emily Go!!!! Are there some familiar faces at camp this year? Keep the updates coming! Blessings on all of you!

  11. Love following your blog. I love that you know that God is reaching out to you through the beauty of His creation. I hope you have an awesome day today!

  12. And here comes Tuesday! Whoa, I am SO EXCITED for the next update. Today’s time with the library program represents years of prayers and relationship building. Praise God, and a shout out to the Smiths for their perseverance in loving Sutton well. What a privilege to partner with your family!

  13. Yay Day Camp! Sounds like an awesome first day! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Madison – you look AWESOME in that crown. I expect you to wear it all week.
    Kelsey – How could you forget to share the AK rules?!? They are SUPER important. I’m glad we could help remedy that situation πŸ™‚
    Emily Davis – Way to go stepping up to fill Christopher’s cheer-leading shoes! I have no doubt that you are doing an amazing job with that. Keep getting everyone awake and energized!

    Love you guys! Praying for another awesome day of camp today!

  14. Thanks for the update! It is awesome to get a peek into what you’ve been up to! Praying for the team, the community, and your joint efforts.
    And imagining the amazing views. Hugs to Misha. <3

  15. We love reading the blog every morning. Sounds like your first day with the children was a blast. Praying for you.

  16. I love reading all about your days! Keep the details coming. Emily and Ellie, please be on the lookout for moose to take pictures of. No one will believe you were actually in Alaska unless you come home with pictures of a moose.

  17. We are following the blog everyday. Love seeing what you’ve been up to.
    Hope you’re enjoying yourselves.
    God bless you all.

  18. Hello Alaska team,

    Sounds like the trip is off to a great start and that there have already been many God sightings taking place.
    Yay! So glad to hear there is a group that is out for morning runs again. I am so jealous of the beautiful views you are seeing. How I wish I was back there again to experience another summer of day camp and all the glories that God has placed in this world.
    Quint–so proud of you for running, do an extra loop for me would ya? πŸ˜‰
    Hugs to you and thinking of you always. PS-we decided on the location for the new fire pit!

    Blessings to all,
    Konnie D.

  19. Well done on the running. Any chance Gabi voluntarily participated in that one? She just started volleyball conditioning and her muscles and body will soon forget the crunches and hill runs she’s been enjoying and will be abruptly reminded upon her return if she doesn’t keep up some sort of activity.

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