Day 2! An Alaskan Sunday.

Alaska is very different from home in my mind. The sun is basically always shining, there is a bird that is always chirping and a new adventure coming your way. Today was filled with obstacles filled with exhaustion, adventure and new opportunities to be a leader. Today was also filled with new ways of looking at things like the glacier we climbed, a new church and waking up to a view of mountains and my, I will say I could never get tired of the views.



Hiking an Alaskan glacier! Fun fact- this glacier moves an average of 1 foot a day!!

10:42pm…. Bright blue skies and puffy white clouds?!?! Our body clocks have got to be so confused!!

Making porcupine quill beads with the locals.

5 thoughts on “Day 2! An Alaskan Sunday.

  1. What an adventure. It is hard to imagine a glacier moving a foot/day! Thank you for the update and the pictures. I hope there are dark curtains so you can get some sleep!

  2. Wow!!! What a fabulous adventure!!! I pray you all got a great night’s rest and feel like new today!! I am so proud of you guys and am excited to see how as you touch the lives of others through camp and activies, you spread God’s love around Alaska. God Bless each one of you and have a fantastic day!!
    P.S. We love you Zoie!!

    Heather, Kiki and Tito

  3. I love reading about you all getting time with the people of Sutton every day. Keep up the good work! Be joyful and flexible, in Jesus’ name.

  4. Oh, Makae, what an adventure you are on!! So much fun and hard work all at the same time! Thinking of you & praying for you every day! Hope you’re staying nourished & rested. Love you!

  5. How incredible! Such a God thing that you’ve all been put there to work in His name– I’m praying that each of you has that realization of your own personal “God thing”! It’s an amazing feeling!!!
    Love to the team! Big extra hugs to Bennett 🙂

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