We have arrived!!!

Good morning Alaska!

Kristin and Anthony reporting the good news that Alaska GO team has landed and has safely arrived to camp! All travels were smooth today and the flight was comfortable.

No luggage lost, no broken bones, and the students experienced a beautiful first view of the mountainside. Spirits are high and God is good.

We arrived at camp around 9:30pm (Alaska time). The sun is shining and the students have not yet realized how tired they are. We adults, however, are fully aware of the three hour time shift and are ready for bed. The students however…………


6 thoughts on “We have arrived!!!

  1. Happy Sunday AK team! Glad to know you’ve all arrived safely! How late did the conversations go last night? Was the team all bright eyed this morning? How was the church service? Thinking and praying for you as you experience His creation today! Q – are you going to be the fire master? Will someone give Lynnae a hug and post a picture?


  2. Happy day all!!! Glad travels went well!!!! Have a Blessed, amazing 1st Day!!

  3. Awesome, good to hear you all made it there safely ! Have a great time!

  4. Yay! Glad you are all there safely!
    Have SO much fun! No bears.

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