Meet the 2017 Team – Robb

Good afternoon friends family and followers!
I go by many names Robb (never Robert, not my real name), ┬áDr. Robb (at the dental office), Dr. Warren (if you want to be really formal or make me think you are talking to my father) or Robb Andrew (only when I’m in trouble).

I am a husband to an amazing wife Erin and father to Quinlan (15) and Paddy (14). I feel God has blessed me with an amazing wife and daughter supporting from home and a son who I am fortunate to go along with on this adventure.

I am blessed to be writing to you under the shade of a tree overlooking a lake filled with the sounds of a summer afternoon. (Thanks to the Russell family for loaning us their cabin.) I am full of energy and excitement as we have just spent the last 36 hours connecting as a team building trust and seeing God weave his way into every step we take and every word we speak.

In our Alaska team I see God in the courage and mental strength it takes to climb 40-50 feet in the air on a high ropes course when every ounce of your soul tells you to keep both feet on the ground.

I see God in our team when for almost an hour a middle school girl can sit with no phone, no conversation, yet speak volumes as she connects with Him in devotional time.

I see Jesus’s example of an attitude of gratitude or humbleness in serving others as students constantly build each other up, help each other out and do so with sincerity and a smile.

This would not be possible without the support of my rockstar dental team that switched and sacrificed vacation days to make this work.

The other part of course if financial. THank you to each of you that donated to my son Paddy and I.

We continue to ask for prayers as we wrap up our planning and as we prepare for the adventure of a lifetime to Eaglecrest Camp in Sutton, Alaska.

God Bless & Keep Smiling.