Meet the 2017 Team – Makae!

Well life in general, for me, is laid out like this…I am the youngest child (really the youngest entirely) in my family.  I have an older brother that I look up to very much – both his ‘wild’ side and his mellow side, and between.  I have parents that I am very close to and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am involved in many church activities and I love being involved with each and every one of these truly amazing people, who challenge me to be a better person.  I babysit for a family that I absolutely love and adore.

Life has brought me many blessings & I admittedly don’t thank God enough for them all.  Though my life is not perfect, I indeed have been given many amazing opportunities ~ like this Alaska mission.  Although I will miss the loud music coming from my brothers’ room at night, the sweet notes I wake to each morning from my Dad and daily conversations with my Mom, I know this trip is truly a gift from God.  I am excited to see how God uses me on this mission and what He has in store for me.  I ask for prayer – not only for me, but for our entire mission team – that we may serve God’s purpose – just as He would have it.


4 thoughts on “Meet the 2017 Team – Makae!

  1. So excited for you and the incredible journey you are on! Embrace each moment the good Lord puts in front of you! We love you like crazy!

  2. Thankful for your safe arrival. Love you so much and praying that you let God lead you, that you stay well, that you learn to sleep in sunlight, and maybe you will find your true career in helping others.

  3. Hi sweetie!

    When you are in Palmer stop by the store called Active Soles Performance Footwear. My husband and I are the managers of the store and I live very close to Palmer. I would love to give you a big hug! I will be at the office Monday – Thursday 10am to 6pm, so just stop in whenever you can and Lance will help track me down via phone. Love you baby girl. See you soon,
    Aunt Kate

  4. I am so very proud of the young lady you have become. What an amazing experience this is for you. Enjoy every moment and see the beautiful world that God has created. Love you lots Makae!

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