Meet the 2017 Team – Madison!

Hello family and friends,

I am doing good right now! I’m a little nervous and excited about going on this Alaska Mission trip. I am looking forward to the hikes, participating in the campfires, and   making new friends on this trip! I also can’t wait to wake up to a mountain side view every morning, since that’s what I have heard! I can’t wait to interact with the kids and get to know more about them, so we can connect with them too!

A little about me is that my favorite color is blue and I love making new friends. I also like to try new things and see if I like it or not in the outcome. I’m also a dog person and I have a rottweiler lab at home.

In conclusion, I just want to say a huge thank you to all the supporters back home who made this trip possible for me! You all made a dream come true and a chance of a lifetime! I wouldn’t be here without you guys! Thanks so much! Take care! Bye!