Meet the 2017 Team – Kristin

Hi friends (and soon to be friends),

Chances are some of you reading this have entrusted your loved on with me. That’s AWESOME!!! Thank you!! My name is Kristin. and I love Jesus, coffee, and pork rinds. (Seriously, I just tried them and they are CrAzY good.) I love to laugh and am so excited that I get the amazing opportunity to be a leader on this trip. At first,  I wasn’t sure if I should apply to be a leader and come on this trip, but once I heard the passion and the vision that the  family had running camp,


I was SOLD! I am so excited to see what this journey has to offer!

Beyond being surrounded by this wonderful team, and seeing God work in their hearts and lives already, I am super stoked because my son Hagen, is also on this team! It will be our first mission trip, and our first time to Alaska! I love spending time with him in all of his activities, but watching him develop his own relationship with Christ and walk this path on his own is by far my favorite.

Thanks so much for all of your support!
Please enjoy the blog, our sharing stories, and pray for us on this adventure.


Ps – I promise that your loved one will laugh at least once when we are together if I have anything to say about it! I also promise that they will all be encouraged and prayed for (some more than others if the need arises) on this trip. 😉

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  1. Love the pic, love your spirit and commitment to the kiddos and love YOU! Have fun!!!!

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