Meet the 2017 Team – Anthony!

Hello my name is Anthony,

Sometimes I feel like a middle school student trapped inside an adult body. I often think this is why I’m called to serve with middle school students.

In my free time I enjoy sports and games of all kinds, especially soccer and bowling. My favorite way to care for others is to listen. My favorite way to be cared for is through phsyical activities such as cooking, hiking, and cleaning together.

I am excited about Alaska becuase I want to be paret of a ministry that will grow and flouris through community involvement. So when I was invited to help lead this team I knew I needed to involve my community. This mission is a tangible way to connect the community I love (Madison) with a community I have gotten to know better (Alaska).

My goal (one of them) is to find someone who enjoys Star Trek as much as I do. I’m also born and raised in Minnesota therefore I am a Vikings fan. Sorry, Packers. However, I do consider myself a Badger Fan.


One thought on “Meet the 2017 Team – Anthony!

  1. Praying for you Anthony & all the Alaska trip! You’re always a welcome face when you sub at Glacier and I’m so glad you’re calling for ministry has you at Blackhawk!

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