Alaska 2017 Team Overnight!


        My name is Gabi D. and I am one of the eighth graders going to Alaska this summer. I am going to tell you a little bit about what our team did this weekend! On Saturday morning we met at Brader Way and drove up together to a camp called Expeditions United. At Expeditions United, we split into two big groups to do a challenge course. The challenge course included team building challenges such as balancing your group on a teeter-totter like platform, climbing over a 15 foot wall, and getting your team from one platform to another without touching the ground and using a tire swing and the materials you brought with you. The challenge course was not only fun, but helpful in learning the way our fellow teammates act in a group. We then partnered up to do the high ropes course. This was a little scary for some of us (myself included), but everyone was super encouraging and we all made it down! It was definitely an exercise in trust. Then we headed to the house we would be staying at. There was a mad rush to the lake as we all wanted to go swimming before dinner. After swimming and dinner, we had individual devotional time. This was great time to relax and reflect on our intentions for the trip. We had small group discussion time and then all gathered for the campfire. We all told amazing God stories from that day and sang worship songs. We then learned more about what to say in a prayer. After the campfire, we played games and wound down for bedtime. On Sunday morning, we were all up early for breakfast and after that we played improv games, learned about the blog, and went over the schedule and packing list for our trip. After some quick skills club meetings, we also had time for another swim. In all, I think that this weekend really helped our team to connect and get to know each other better, and I think we are all a little bit more excited for the trip to Alaska!