Saturday Night – Goodbye Eaglecrest

This evening we said goodbye to Eaglecrest, well the camp anyways. We still have a staffer hanging out with us until we get dropped off at the airport. Here’s a short recap of the day.

The day started off well and the weather was looking good. Monitoring the weather was important today because we were going on a weather “dependent” hike. Meaning, if the weather was fair to good we were going to set out on the hike. Don’t worry, no danger if the weather is bad you just can’t see the amazing view overlooking two small mountain top lakes as you gaze out in the surrounding mountain range. We were all systems go because things looked good at camp so we set out on our last adventure of the trip. Only to find the weather was a bit different at the hiking location. First it was just fog, then the wind picked up a bit, which made it a bit chilly, and then the rain set in. Basically we had to run a few loads of clothes through the dryers at camp before we packed up for good.

IMG_1139_EditedAfter showering off, packing and deep cleaning the camp for the Eaglecrest staff (it’s the only time they let us do anything around camp, seriously, these staff members are amazing!) we took a group picture and said our goodbyes to the camp staff, the camp itself and the beautiful Crag Mountain which sits silently as it keeps a watchful eye from across the river. We they stopped in Palmer, AK for dinner and then made our way to Anchorage, AK. We are now bunked up for the night at Change Point Church in Anchorage. I’m sure you’ll hear stories about this building when your students get home. They have children’s area that was designed and built from the people at Disney. No joke!

Off to bed now. Check back tomorrow!