Saturday Morning – Camp Recap

Yesterday was the final day of our day camp at Eaglecrest. It was so sad to see all of our new friends go home afterwards. After camp, all of the Alaskan kids and their families were welcome to a potluck so we got to hang out with them for a little while longer. Although it was raining and muddy, we still played 9 square and some gaga ball. None of the Alaskan kids seemed to be bothered by the rain or the like we were. It was super fun getting to know them and getting to hang out this week to build relationships with them. They are definitely the kind of people we will never forget and we hope will see them again and stay in touch with them.

Throughout the week we noticed some unique interests. Some loved being active, such as gaga ball or 9 square. Others liked making food like Alaskan s’mores or cupcakes or pizza. There was also a handful of kids who enjoyed making friendship and para-cord bracelets. One of the main highlights of the week was swimming at Victory. When we got there, kids were ready to jump in right away! They had a cannon ball contest to see who could make the biggest splash. It was so cool to see God in all of these kids’ lives just by the way they were so enthusiastic and happy about each and every activity. Several kids never wanted to leave and wanted to come back and stay longer.

We are so sad to see them go but we know we will never forget them and the way they have changed our lives. We hope to see them soon!!!

~ Lindsey & Yaritza

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  1. I’m so surprised reading these lines and see how God is in my daughter life, I cant wait to see you Yaritza, I miss you so much but I am so happy to see the present of God in your life. -mom
    (We miss you Yaritza & we love you 💗😘-moi & sarahi)

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