Wednesday Night – Cold Water!

Today was absolutely fantastic! We started out with our one-hour devotional time. We waited excitedly for our Alaskan students to arrive while playing nine-square in the air and Gaga ball. We were greeted with many smiling faces. Our first game we played was called MINGLE, MINGLE, MINGLE! The objective of the game was to walk around singing a mingle jingle. Randomly an adult leader would yell out a number and we would get into groups of that number. If you were not able to fit in a group of the number called, you would be out of the game. After that we played a game where about seven people would stand on a tarp and try to flip the tarp onto the opposite side without stepping off. Then we learned about Alaskan culture from a very kind lady named Pat.

IMG_6220_Edited Next we packed lunches and headed to Victory Bible Camp to go swimming. Most of us jumped right in! We even had a chance to go boating in paddle-boats and canoes. We then came back to Eaglecrest and had free time to play games or make bracelets with the Alaskan students. We got a couple more students today!  After all of the Alaskan students left we finished our games and ate dinner. Once we were finished, we sat around the toasty fire and talked about how the day went. We then listened to highlights of the day, God stories and some students and leaders’ faith journey stories. So overall, today was a wonderful day that was packed full to the edges with laughter, stories, and excitement. If you asked any of the team members, they would most likely say it was a successful day.


-Emily Davis, Ella Basken


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Night – Cold Water!

  1. Thanks for posting the updates and all the great pictures. It looks beautiful up there! We’re praying that you have a great rest of the week and can’t wait to hear all about the trip! (And Josh – mom says to tell you to keep eating those carrots!)

  2. Thinking of you all. Praying for God’s blessings in all you do. Great to see your name, Ella! 🙂

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