Thursday Morning – Initiative

IMG_6344_EditedHello families our day camp is going well. All of our hikes have gone great with awesome views and lots of fun. We have one tonight to Hatcher’s Pass which I hope will go well. So far the meals have been great and no injuries have occurred which is good. We have seen God in so many ways up here and it’s so cool. Some ways we have seen God is how many Alaskan students have shown up this year compared to the other years. Along with that we were able to see the beauty in God’s work while we were hiking the butte and glacier. We have been having so much fun up here I think that it going to be hard to leave.  Shout out to the Tuttle and Dahmen families.

-Peter and Quint

There have been a few sweet moments in the last couple days that have stood out. Yesterday morning there was a group of us that went out for a run. The weather was beautiful, and you really can’t beat the mountain views. Our turn around point on the run was a creek with gorgeous white stones lining the bank – we’ll have to remember to take some pictures when we go out again later this week!

It’s been fun to see our team putting into practice the topics we’ve been exploring in our devotional times this week. We’ve seen servant hearted attitudes, encouragement, respect, and open and real conversation. Today in our devotional time we dug into initiative. We read about God’s intentionality in giving us each unique gifts so that we can come together to serve. We’ve seen this already in play this week in every planning team, dividing roles and responsibilities according to our strengths. We’ve seen this in our hikes, where some are the adventures explorers, some are cautious and remind us to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us, and some are the encouragers – making sure the entire team stays together. I’m excited to see the way our time this morning encourages us each to recognize our own gifts and the gifts of those around us and to fully appreciate the uniqueness of individuals and the strength of our team.

Off to day camp now! Hope to check in with you all again later!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning – Initiative

  1. What an amazing and beautiful place to be. It is an unbelievable display of Gods creation there! Thanks for all the posts. They are a great way to start my mornings. Praying for everyone there that your faith grows by leaps and bounds. Polly and Lindsey, you are so inspiring to me! I miss you!

  2. Hi All,
    Thanks for the updates. Nice job Peter and Quint. Thank God for
    all the fun and experience, you all have enjoyed. Sound like a good group.
    I’m sure the Alaskan students had a really good time. (Hey Quint hows
    the Kendama show going?) Love to K,R,and Q. I’ll be away for awhile
    so, you maybe home when we return. Have a good trip back and don’t
    forget anybody. GOD BLESS

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