Wednesday Morning – Veracity (Truthfulness)

IMG_5710_EditedGood morning Blackhawk Alaska Go Team supporters!  We are touching base this morning after a break from technology last night-we did not forget about you all.  After day camp with the Alaskan students came to a close, we spent time as a team connecting.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner and then some team games of 9-Square, GaGa Ball, friendship bracelet making, card playing and more.  Wrapping up the evening we were able to gather around the campfire to share God sightings (YEA GOD!) and our own personal stories of how God has worked in our lives.  It’s been so impressive and encouraging to hear our students share their stories of how God has worked in their lives and brought them here to Alaska to be a part of this team.

The blessings of the campfire continued as a discussion of respect ensued.  Jim and Lynnae, our camp directors, helped lead this discussion with our group during campfire time.  We discussed (and perhaps debated) the concept, connection, and examples of giving and getting respect.  We were guided through this discussion to be so kindly reminded that we should focus our hearts and eyes on Jesus’ when we think of respect.  The Lord gave respect to all, regardless of the wealth or disadvantage that an individual may experience.  This is important while we spend time in Alaska because each of us, although all a part of God’s family, is given different circumstances and experiences while on Earth.  You can pray for our team, that our discussion and message from last night live true for the rest of the week-that we are God’s light in darkness and live out His love for all those to see.

We are starting the day with our daily devo time and today’s focus is Veracity. The two passages we are zoning in on are from Proverbs and Ephesians. Following devo time, we look forward to another day of camp.  God has truly been at work this week through camp.  The numbers of students coming to camp has been consistently around 10-and for that we are so thankful.  Being a leader, I have had the pleasure to witness the outpouring of love that Blackhawk students are giving so generously.  Each student, arrives and leaves with a smile on their face.  I believe that means we are doing exactly what God has commissioned us to do on this trip-love, encourage and build up these children.

Today we will have an Alaskan native come and speak at camp-giving our students a break from planning skills clubs.  I believe this will be super exciting; it is always beneficial to hear about life elsewhere firsthand.  In the afternoon, we will be joining up with the library camp students and heading to another camp nearby.  We plan to use the afternoon to go swimming, use boats and enjoy more of God’s beautiful creation.  The Alaskan students from camp will also be joining us on our journey.   As always, a busy day ahead.

We thank you so much for your prayers and support.  I would encourage you to pray for continued enthusiasm for our students as they lead and share life with the other students-some are seeing firsthand the struggles of leading a group activity and working with different people.  Please also pray for continued health and well-being.  Send thanks and praise for the prayers that have already been answered and also that we as a team continue to grow in God, with and through each other.

In and with HIS love – Megan

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  1. Prayers continue for your health and well-being. May God bless all who are doing HIS work! Reports and pictures are eagerly waited for each day!

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