Pictures Say it Best Sometimes…

I thought I would try to let the pictures do all of the talking in this post (with the exception of the captions). I hope you enjoy!


(View of Crag Mountain from the campfire at camp.)


(First view of the Matanuska Glacier – our Sunday hike. This glacier is the starting point for the Matanuska River which runs past camp.)


(Top of our Monday evening hike up “The Butte”.)


(Day camp day 2: The blanket game, a name game. We threw Peter a curve ball by putting this little guy in the ring.)


(Day camp day 2: Fire building challenge)


(Day camp day 2: Water balloon baseball, part A.)


(Day camp day 2: Water balloon baseball, part B.)


(Day camp day 2: More water balloon games!)

Stay tuned for more pictures to come.

— Brady

One thought on “Pictures Say it Best Sometimes…

  1. Hey Quint – The 4:1 crew hung out today at Devils Lake and we MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you’re having an awesome time out there! Excited for you and to hear all about your time out there!!!!!!
    Love Brian, Tyler, Cooper and Sam

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