Tuesday Morning – Respecting Others

IMG_5986_EditedHey family and friends!  This morning’s post is coming from a first time blogger; Miss Polly

Yesterday’s day camp was AMAZING!!  God sent us 8 students who were able to join us for the whole day and several more that were able to make it for the 2nd half.  Hoping we get to meet more today!!       I am in awe at the different ways God worked through all of the students; both from Blackhawk and Alaska.  The hike up the Butte was incredible too!!!  God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!

This morning we spent some time in God’s Word learning about the importance of respecting others. One verse that really spoke to me was 1 Peter 2:15-17.  We are encouraged to exercise our freedom by serving God and not by breaking the rules.  Breaking the rules seems so ordinary in our world today.  You tend to stand out more if you do the RIGHT thing because it’s so out of the norm.

A challenge that we all face today is living in a Christ centered community with people that come from all walks of life, have different experiences, different opinions, different values and expectations of not only themselves but of others too.   We are all wonderfully and fearfully made!  We are all made in the image of Christ and we all have a seat at the table!  No one is more important than the person to their right or to their left.   Our differences should be celebrated and shared.

I pray that today God stirs up a thirst in our hearts to learn more about others; to be open to suggestions and ideas without taking offense to them.  If we are open and willing God will give us plenty of opportunities to teach others as well as to learn and grow in our personal relationship with others and with Him.

A quick shout out to all our friends and family back home!  Thank you for the continued prayers and support for our team.  It is such a privilege to witness some amazing transformations in the students as the week goes on.  Thank you to everyone who is caring for and loving on our families back home!  I think everyone is excited to share stories from the week.

God’s blessings to all

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning – Respecting Others

  1. Amen! Ms. Polly., is so beautiful how God is working and blessing all.
    I hope everything continues well.
    Blessings and prayer to all out there.
    Please say hi! To my little girls Yaritza, I miss her a lot.

    • We just got caught up on the posts and we are glad everything is going so well! What an awesome group you are, doing such good work for the Lord! We have been praying for you all every morning.
      Please tell Emily Davis that we are doing great in Yosemite but her mom feels like she is missing a limb without Emily here with us! Every time we see a glacier we think of all of you. And we think of you lots of other times too!
      Here’s to another day of fun and serving in Alaska. Good bless each and every one of you!
      Jenni and Kirk Davis

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