Sunday Evening – GLACIER WOO HOO

As is probably evident from the title, we went bear hunting today!

IMG_5609_EditedNo, we went on a glacier. And it was awesome! The weather today was perfect, not too cold or too hot. We managed to make it off the glacier with no injuries and wrapped up with hot dogs, PB&J sandwiches, and the best cookies known in Alaska. Seriously. Those things are fabulous. It will probably come as no surprise to know that everyone has thrown themselves into Ga-Ga ball with IMG_5646passion. As I type, I can hear the customary wild yells, war cries, and entertaining commentary.

We’re going to have a campfire soon (or in the past, depending on when this is read) and some people might be getting excited about that. The time difference hasn’t really taken a toll… yet. Sooner or later we’re all going to crash.

But hopefully not sooner!

Bye from Eaglecrest, Sutton, Alaska, United States of ‘Merica, Earth, The Universe.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Evening – GLACIER WOO HOO

  1. Thanks for the pictures!!!! Looked like a great day to be playing on the ice!!!! Glad to hear all made it up and back without incident. Keep the pics and stories coming!!!! Love hearing about your day. Thinking of all of you often.

  2. So glad all is going well! You are all in my prayers daily. Love You Payton!!

  3. Yay, glacier hike! Hope you’re enjoying a FABULOUS start to day one of camp. Go, team. 🙂

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