Monday Morning – Encouraging Others

IMG_5703Hello World!  This morning’s post is coming at you via the nimble fingers of one of the leaders.  Craig here…  or as I’ll be known for parts of the week – Finn….  Why you are probably asking?  TODAY IS THE BEGINNING OF DAY CAMP!!!  As part of the fun of camp – I’m going to be wearing a funny hat, talking in a very bad Irish accent and generally trying to make people smile…  But enough of me…

We are focusing on being Servant Hearted, what it means to be a servant…  today’s topic was encouraging others.  While the team didn’t know that was today’s devotional topic, everyone back in Madison and reading this blog will be thrilled to know the team has been doing that daily!  The amazing part of being a leader on this trip is watching the kids and leaders come together to help each other out.   I’m looking forward to the evening discussion around the campfire to see the kid’s thoughts on the passages for today.  If you’d like to read what we’re looking at – I Thessalonians 5:11-18.

Camp today begins shortly – Games, making new friends, more games, small group devos, more games…  you get the idea…  Then in the evening, we will go for a hike just in case anyone has any energy left!  For all of the parents – everyone has showered at least once.

Please continue to pray for the team…  that we will continue to have smiles on our faces when we get tired, that we continue to encourage each other, that we feel comfortable to reach out to the person in camp we don’t know to say hello and begin to make a friend, that we find some time in our busy to day to be still…   and feel the wonderful presence of God…

Shout out to my family!  I miss you all tons!  Hope you are enjoying each other and making memories!!!

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning – Encouraging Others

  1. WOOOOOOOO! Camp is my favorite! I’m praying for tons of energy and laughter as you all build relationships with your new Alaskan friends. And I hope that God uses each of you and your specific gifts to help people see Jesus. Encourage each other and love each other with humility. Can’t wait to hear how camp goes!

  2. Hey! I know you Craig/Finn! 😉 I miss you too but am SO glad I don’t have to listen to that accent all week! Lol! ;). We all are doing good here at the Dells and miss you but are so STINKIN’ proud of you for being a part of this awesome team!

    I will read the passage from Thessalonians and pray for you all!

    Love to all of you!

  3. Hey Finn! I expect a reprise at the sound board in the near future. so glad you are back there with the team. praying for you all!

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