On The Ground @ Eaglecrest

Hello again,

We have reached our destination of Eaglecrest. It has been a long day of traveling but everyone seems to be in high spirits. Some team members started getting a bit antsy the last 2 hours of the flight and that is to be expected. We left the gate twenty-five minutes late and had to divert our flight path slightly due to some turbulence but all in all we only arrived 10 minutes behind our scheduled arrival.

The staff of Eaglecrest was ready and waiting for us at baggage claim. Load up and travel to the camp went well. Sorry this post is so late but we arrived to the camp at the camp 11:30 PM CST. Time to burn off some energy with a few rounds of Gaga ball and then it’s time to settle in for bed.

Watch for a check-in tomorrow morning or technically later today for everyone back home. Thanks for reading!


(I promise other people will write on the blog soon and this is our home for the week! See picture below.)


4 thoughts on “On The Ground @ Eaglecrest

  1. Thank you so much for the up date, I am Yaritza ‘s mother and I was waiting with anxiety to hear about you .
    God bless the group and his spirit rejoice with everyone.

  2. So glad y arrived safely! I hope everyone slept well and is feeling ready to take on Alaska today!

    Jenni (Emily’s mom)

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