Alaska – Monday Fun

First off – apologies for the delay in getting a blog about Monday up so late….  We simply ran out of time and were having too much fun!

The first day of holding the day camp was a very fun day. We welcomed the Alaskan students, Gracie, Jared, Dillon, Brie and Tanner. We played Giant Tic Tac Toe and Sardines. The skills clubs were Mexican food making and mosaics.  We made awesome salsa that was enjoyed by all the students.  Lunch was soup and grilled cheese.. PB&J was an option too!  We had a large group sing along around the “unlit” campfire…  The group talk was about the camp theme Alive…  Some saw a big bald eagle fly past over the river behind us.  Not everyone saw it….  That was extremely sad….  After dinner, we went on a hike to the Butte!  It was 875 feet tall… we hiked up in small groups where we had to stay together as a team building exercise.  A favorite part was climbing up the rocks…  When we got to the top, it was REALLY windy!!!!  The hike down was really dusty..  Our shoes were filled with dirt when we got to the bottom.  We are having fun and miss you all….  Pictures will follow with a later post…  on to lunch now!

Shout outs from the team –

  • Hey Noah, Miss you!!!   – Luke
  • I’m having a good time – Grahm
  • Mom – I forgot my retainer…. – Grace
  • Hi to Maddy! I’m  having a great time!  Thanks for the candy – Tessa
  • Dad, the card made me hungry too!  Mom, I miss you – Leah
  • Dad, How’s it going? How’s Grandpa? – Cade
  • Hello Fam! – Rylei
  • We laughed at Korbin’s note…  a lot!!! – Dave & Kendra
  • Thanks for the prayers, cards, notes and love!  They are encouraging us so much! – Craig

Keep posting the comments!  We love  them!!!!