Team Building Overnight….

The Middle School Missions trip to Alaska is getting ready to depart.  We are actually only days away from heading out!  Can you say excitement?

Friday night (Jun26th)  48 sets of hands and feet gathered to come together and grow as a united team.  There are actually 50 sets of hands and feet that will be going to Alaska.  For those of us numerically challenged, that breaks down to 16 Middle School students and 9 leaders.  We’d like to collectively say THANKS for coming on the journey with us!  If you’ve arrived at the blog, then you’re with us!  Welcome!!

We gathered at a nearby undisclosed location for some team building, game playing, camp planning and continuing our personal & team journey.  A HUGE shout out to our hosts!  To welcome 16 Middle School aged kids for the night is truly awesome!  What did we do in the 24 hours we were here?  We did our best to stay on schedule and learned the first lesson of doing anything with Middle Schooler’s….  be patient because schedules have a way of getting away from you.  🙂

We prepped for our trip to work alongside the Eaglecrest team in Sutton, Alaska.  We will be helping to host a day camp for the youth of Sutton.  We each are on a sub-team that will lead 2 skills clubs and one large all camp game.  We will do our best to help teach Baking, Cooking, Archery, Improv, making Smore’s and other fun things.

We thought you’d enjoy some pictures of the time…  We ate as a family.. and got along!


We enjoyed time playing a few games…  one of them involved a blindfold…  this was a great way to trust each other….  There was lots of laughing with this one…


No team building is complete with out a team meeting…


We will be better about updating the blog!  We have our packing party tonight and then we depart bright and early on Saturday, July 11th!  Thanks for taking time to read this!  We thank you for coming along on the trip with us with your support and prayers!