Three days, in links

Saturday daytime – great conversations about returning home at Sutton’s Alpine Historical Park

Saturday night – Rally in the Valley! (Can’t lie, I LOVE college summer baseball leagues. A walk-off win for the home team is pretty fun, too!)

Sunday morning – worship at Lazy Mountain Bible Church

Sunday afternoon – mud & paintball along the Matanuska River

Sunday evening – three highly entertaining rounds of Mafia

Monday morning – visit to the Iditarod Museum (cute puppies & educational content)

Monday afternoon – lunch/dinner at Moose’s Tooth Pizzeria (yummy!)

Monday evening – sighted a moose cow at Kincaid Park, then said goodbye to our friends from Eaglecrest as they dropped us at the airport. We’ll be here for a few hours, then off to Phoenix, then Milwaukee… then on the bus back to Blackhawk!

We’re happy, tired, and keeping ourselves entertained. See y’all in about 18 hours!