Alaska Day 2

Hello from basically Canada and Russia, but not quite!

Today was our first full day in Alaska and what a beautiful day we were blessed with! We started with morning devotions, which are pretty fantastic when you have a mountain to stare at and a river rushing in your ears. After filling up on a delicious breakfast (six bowls of cereal for Owen J.), we got ready to enjoy our first day of day camp. This included archery, baking, and hemp jewelry, followed by small life sessions and a game of trivia. Just a heads up, if you ever play trivia of A Charlie Brown Christmas, you ┬áneed to have Tom or Kirk Davis on your team… the reason the guys won. After a wonderful lunch, and another round of either baking, archery or hemp jewelry making, we dirtied up our feet with a crazy game of Gaga Ball. When you have 23 Wisconsinites, 6 Alaskans, and the Smith family crammed in the Gaga Ball pit, it gets crazy, and mercy is sort of forgotten… Finally, as we started to tire out, we ended with a worship session with Tom jamming on the guitar, and a great talk on living a worthy life for God. Once that was over it was time for the Alaskans to go home, but after many confirmations, we were happy to find out that they will all be coming back tomorrow. We are looking forward to day 3! We know it will bring more fun and bring us closer to God with the devotional times and the worship session, or even just being with our friends and/or our fellow Alaskans! As of right now, everyone is just hanging out and waiting for yet another delicious dinner and after that, a campfire. It doesn’t get dark much here. Sunset is at about 11:30 PM, and sunrise is at about 4:30 AM.

Owen J. and Noah

Shout Outs!!

Ben Hershberger: Yoohoo!! Hope you’re still growing that beard! If you keep it going, by the end of the Romania trip you may be on Tim Howard’s level, just maybe.

Alex Jaeckle: Keep trying to score on an open goal!

Sidewalks: Thanks for keeping us off of the streets!